Warszawa Zachodnia: the next stage

News date: February 15, 2021
Warszawa Zachodnia: the next stage

From Sunday, February 14, another extended stage of works requires changes in the access to the Warszawa Zachodnia station from the Wola side (ul. Tunelowa). Access from Aleje Jerozolimskie remains unchanged. Train services at the station will be maintained. More information for passengers will be provided. The redevelopment of Warszawa Zachodnia will offer better travel and passenger services at one of the capital's largest stations.


Work at Warszawa Zachodnia is being carried out around the clock, even under winter conditions. Any redundant buildings have already been demolished. The old lighting system has been removed. Underground installations have been relocated to avoid conflicts during the works. After securing the area and changing the traffic organisation, construction starts on the footbridge structure - a new route over the platforms to the further ones. A level crossing has already been built between platforms 2 and 7. Work on the foundation piles can be observed. The works also include the construction of a tunnel, a multi-purpose building and the station building. A temporary access route to platform 8 is being made available. The main contractor, Budimex SA, reports that 70 subcontractors and suppliers are currently working on site. The works involve 500 people and 200 pieces of equipment.


Extended scope of works on the Wola side, from ul. Tunelowa


The further works at the station will require changes in transport from the north, on ul. Tunelowa. The recommended access route to the station will be from Aleje Jerozolimskie. Transport will be facilitated by clear signs and traffic organisation plans.


The old Warsaw Zachodnia station building will be demolished from the ul. Tunelowa side. In its place a section of the future passenger tunnel will be constructed, connecting new Warszawa Zachodnia with the ring line and the new station building. These works are necessary to build a passenger crossing over the platforms.


After detailed analyses, a safe access route has been determined. The route from platform 7 to platform 8 (of the ring line) will be re-routed and extended by approx. 500 metres to 700 metres. Access time will be approx. 10 minutes. Access to platforms 1-7 from the Wola side will follow the same route, via platform 7. In comparison to the current route, the crossing will be longer, and to walk from ul. Tunelowa to platforms 1-7 will take approximately 15 minutes. Due to these changes, the suggested access to platforms 1-7 and 8 (ring line) will be from Aleje Jerozolimskie.


The current traffic system for platform 8 is planned to remain until the end of works at the Warszawa Zachodnia station. The redeveloped bus terminal at ul. Tunelowa will remain in its present location until the end of works. Following the construction of the footbridge, a new passageway will be provided for passengers over the platforms connecting the districts of Wola and Ochota.


Warszawa Zachodnia changes for the passengers


The works at Warszawa Zachodnia is intended to adapt the station to provide convenient service for local passengers as well as using long-distance trains. The platforms will include facilities for persons with reduced mobility – such as escalators and lifts. Better connections to public transport will be provided. All platforms will be covered with roofs. Clear signs and a passenger information system will make it easier to use the railway. An additional platform on the ul. Tunelowa side should improve the possibilities for organising efficient connections.


Movement within the station area will be facilitated by a footbridge between the Wola and Ochota districts. The underground passage will be extended to platform 8 (eventually 9) on the ring line, and will be higher, wider and connected to the waiting area and ticket offices. The track system will be comprehensively redeveloped. The modern systems will make the management of railway traffic much more efficient.


On average, about 1000 local, regional, long-distance national and international trains pass through the station every day.


The works at Warszawa Zachodnia are one of the largest investments by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., at over PLN 1.9 billion net. The project is implemented under OPI 5.1-13: “Works on the Warsaw diametrical line between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Zachodnia”. The investment is planned to be completed in 2023.