Wałbrzych beltway progress

News date: November 19, 2020
Wałbrzych beltway progress

Budimex has completed 65% of construction works on the Wałbrzych beltway. About 350 workers and 170 equipment units work on the construction site every day to complete earthworks, surfacing works, paving works, storm water drainage and road lighting.


Noise barriers are being installed on the old section of the beltway and gabions are being installed on the banks. The load-carrying right roadway on the ES/Z/5 trestle bridge was concreted, whereas its left side is being shored up and reinforced. The left retaining wall made of gabions was completed, whereas the right side is in progress.


Advanced paving works are underway near the TESCO roundabout. Near the right roadway at ul. Łączyńskiego, the ground is being stabilised to enable future surfacing works. Works involving reinforced concrete and asphalt on the overpass at ul. Reja have been completed. Traffic barriers are being installed and noise barriers will be installed soon. The footbridge at ul. Św. Kingi is almost completed (98%), the only thing left to be done is the initial flight of stairs, which is 1,5 m high, and the installation of the remaining barriers.


In selected locations, it was necessary to alter the construction design, which is not the general contractor’s liability. It has led to a delay in the progress of works. That is the case at ul. Reja, Plac Grunwaldzki and the crossing of ul. Starachowicka and ul. Żeromskiego.


For Wałbrzych residents, the beltway is a very important project. It will greatly improve convenience and reduce commuting times to schools, workplaces and public facilities. The works on the Wałbrzych beltway began last year. The contract is due to be completed in June 2021 and the total value of the project is PLN 249,637,589.90 net.