Upgrade of DK12 in Chełm Ahead of Schedule

News date: December 14, 2020
Upgrade of DK12 in Chełm Ahead of Schedule

The alteration and upgrading of the DK 12 national road in Chełm is being carried out by Budimex and is 65% complete. One half of the road already has new pavement installed.


Installation of noise barriers is under way on the western side of the new artery. Overpasses are under construction along Ulica Wschodnia and Aleja Przyjaźni, and the latter will feature new roundabouts. The bridge over the River Uherka has already been altered. At the beginning of February 2021 work will begin on altering two roundabouts: Romana Dmowskiego and ZWiN. The roundabouts will remain open to traffic during the work, but with temporary traffic management in effect. Before Christmas the traffic management on Ulica Rejowiecka will change. Vehicular traffic will be moved to the other side of the road.


The construction work is continuing without a winter break, which would be typical of road construction. The work is ahead of schedule.


A challenge for the workers undertaking construction work largely in open road traffic is the damage to the new infrastructure (kerbs and paths) by drivers who break the traffic code. The resulting damage has already exceeded 120,000 PLN. Several properties still remain with their fencing encroaching onto the right of way, and need to be relocated. Another pain point are truck drivers who do not follow the detour shown by the road signs. The cameras installed by Budimex record the offending trucks and the evidence is released to the police.


The project implementation includes alteration of the DK12 within the city limits of Chełm, along a length of approximately 8.2 km, and coupled with the alteration and new construction of the essential infrastructure, which includes 5.5 km of local and service access roads. The work also includes top-down changes to several streets: Podgórze, Rejowiecka, Przyjaźni, Rampa Brzeska and Wschodnia. The project’s program includes alteration work for the bridge over the River Uherka and the overpass on Aleja Przyjaźni above the defunct railway siding, construction of a new overpass above the railway tracks, and construction of bus stops, noise barriers, and more than 8 km of bike paths. The work will be completed in October 2021.