Tram to Wilanów – Budimex has completed the first part of compensation planting

News date: December 30, 2022
Tram to Wilanów – Budimex has completed the first part of compensation planting

Compensatory plantings of new trees have been completed during the construction of the tramway to Wilanów – Budimex has planted a total of 130 trees in Mokotów and Wilanów since the beginning of November. A total of 1,000 trees will be planted as part of this investment. All others will be completed by the project’s completion date, i.e. by 2024.


The tree species to be planted include Dutch lindens, small-leaved lindens, London planes, hornbeams, Japanese cherry, field maples and pedunculate oaks. For the first time in the history of the construction of the capital’s tram routes, there will be so-called formed trees next to the tracks. There will also be trees at tram stops. Mostly specimens in the separating road lane are being cut down as the construction of the Wilanów Tramway also involves the modernisation of underground installations: water, sewage, heating, telecommunications and energy networks. Some trees interfere with these works, making them impossible to carry out. The removed trees account for less than 10% of the total tree stand along the tram line.


As part of the investment, the following works are currently being carried out:

  • works on the tele-technical infrastructure – reconstruction and construction of junctions;
  • tramway track works – construction of the roadbed and reinforcement of the subsoil for the construction layers;
  • construction of lighting – laying of casing pipes running transversely under the carriageway;
  • construction of traffic lights – laying of casing pipes;
  • construction and reconstruction of the gas network – laying gas pipes;
  • Spacerowa Street: works on the tele-technical infrastructure with removal of junctions, reconstruction of the gas network, construction of the rainwater drainage system, making foundations for the traction poles, preparatory works prior to the commencement of the main works – Zajączkowska Substation (removal of junctions);
  • Belwederska Street: Construction of the rainwater drainage system;
  • Sobieskiego Street: Earthworks and start of concrete work (continuous footings) – Sobieskiego Substation, demolition of substructure elements;
  • Wilanowska Street: preparatory works before the start of the main works – Wilanowska Substation.


More than 50 machines and over 200 people are working on the site. Budimex is also carrying out works throughout winter.


Temporary traffic arrangement in force has been introduced in the following streets: Pulawska, Goworka, Spacerowa, Belwederska and Sobieskiego. The current closures include the reconstruction of underground utility networks and the construction of overhead power supply. The road system will be rebuilt and the tramway track will be constructed. The construction of three traction substations is planned to start this year. Project assumptions are currently being developed. Once this project has been approved, it will be presented in accordance with the procedures in force in the city. 


The new route will start at the intersection of Puławska and Goworka Streets. The reconstruction will also include the existing section of the tram route from Rakowiecka Street to Plac Unii Lubelskiej. The tram will cross Goworka and Spacerowa streets, with a difference in level of as much as 22 metres towards Lower Mokotów. The line will then run straight along Belwederska and Sobieskiego streets towards Miasteczko Wilanów. The tram terminal for two-way trams will be located at the intersection of Rzeczypospolitej and Branickiego avenues.


Two branches are planned for the route. The first will run along Gagarina Street as far as Czerniakowska Street – this is a separate investment carried out by Tramwaje Warszawskie (Warsaw Trams) and Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (Municipal Water and Sewerage Company). On this section, trams will finish their route at the terminal for two-way trams. The new route provides considerable time savings for those Wilanów residents who commute to the centre of Warsaw. The tram journey from this district to the Centrum metro station will take around 30 minutes.


Green track technology will be used during the construction of the tram route to Wilanów. The new track will be planted with sedum, a plant that is resistant to higher temperatures and does not need to be watered. The total length of green tracks on the route to Wilanów will exceed 10 km.


The construction of the tram route is part of a project co-financed by the European Union under OPI&E 2014 – 2020, which also includes the purchase of 50 new low-floor trams, the construction of a depot in Annopol and the installation of a passenger information system at stops. The official name of the project is: Construction of a tramway route to Wilanów with the purchase of rolling stock and associated infrastructure. Its total cost is PLN 1,190 million, with EU funding amounting to PLN 555 million.