The strategic investor of Budimex donated PLN 875,000 to the Polish Red Cross to fight the pandemic

News date: November 27, 2020
The strategic investor of Budimex donated PLN 875,000 to the Polish Red Cross to fight the pandemic

Ferrovial, the strategic investor of Budimex, donated PLN 875,000 to the Polish Red Cross. Together with the general contractor, they donated PLN 4 million to the fight against the coronavirus.


When the pandemic broke out, Ferrovial set up a special fund, “Ferrovial Together COVID-19”, with the aim of raising funds to fight the consequences of the spreading coronavirus. The initial contribution of the investor was EUR 5 million. It was followed by a fundraiser for employees, directors, shareholders, contractors, suppliers and anyone who wanted to help the cause. The management board of the company obligated itself to double all donations.


So far, the “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund has raised EUR 8.69 million. It was used to make donations to health administration, hospitals, universities, research and development centres and NGOs. The entities which received funding used it to buy necessary supplies and medical equipment, as well as conduct research on pharmacological solutions and vaccines. The aim was to more effectively counteract the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


One of the organisations that received a donation was the Polish Red Cross, which bought face masks, hand disinfectant gels and liquids, protective gloves and face shields. Moreover, funds were allocated to distribute meals and hygienic products to 3,000 elderly people who live alone in 53 Polish cities and towns. Money was also used to buy personal protective equipment and sanitary products for people working in hospitals and care homes. The remaining funds were given to beneficiaries and institutions that collaborate with the Polish Red Cross, for example a homeless shelter in Szczecin and community centres in Lublin, Katowice and Kraków.


Budimex fights the pandemic


The Polish general contractor is involved in the fight against COVID-19. Budimex and Fundacja Jesteśmy Razem – Pomagamy have already supported over 30 hospitals all over Poland. Moreover, Budimex has provided aid to care homes and communes. The total amount allocated by Grupa Budimex to the fight against the coronavirus is almost PLN 3 million.  


“Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have actively supported Polish hospitals and public institutions. In these hard times, every aid, especially for the most vulnerable social groups, is extremely important,” says Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board and General Director of Budimex SA.


All the activities of Fundacja “Jesteśmy Razem. POMAGAMY” started from a campaign under the same name, initiated by Polish businessmen at the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, companies joined forces to collect as much money as possible to help hospitals. This spontaneous initiative gave rise to a dynamic foundation, which has raised almost PLN 50 million so far and has helped hospitals and care homes in Kraków, Warsaw, Wałbrzych, Racibórz, Łódź, Puławy, Żyrardów, Sochaczew, Suwałki, Łańcut, Poznań, Sanok and Wrocław.


Moreover, Budimex has helped with construction works in two hospitals, which can now admit patients with the coronavirus. Budimex also provides in-kind aid, i.e. masks, protective clothing and antiseptic gels.