The Biskupia Górka viaduct is ready in Gdańsk

News date: January 28, 2021
The Biskupia Górka viaduct is ready in Gdańsk

On 29 January (Friday) Budimex will hand over the second part of the Biskupia Górka viaduct, in the centre of Gdańsk. This means that the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will meet the target arrangement, i.e. along two lanes in each direction. Works on the left road included the demolition of the existing viaduct and the construction of a new one, as well as the reconstruction of the road and the accompanying sector infrastructure.


The new viaduct above the railway line along ul. Trakt św. Wojciecha is based on three steel beams, from which the bridges were suspended (separately for each road), consisting of steel scaffolding combined with a reinforced concrete slab. Within the project, a completely new road arrangement is being created along ul. Trakt Św. Wojciecha, the main artery for the Tricity.


The investment included not only the viaduct over the railway line, but also the construction of the access viaduct together with retaining walls, the adjacent viaduct above ul. Nowe Podwale Grodzkie, the bridge above Radunia Channel, reconstruction of access roads and elements of the railway infrastructure as well as construction of the Park&Ride multi-level car park. The city centre, the uninventoried historical monuments discovered during the construction stage, the diversity of the sectors requiring reconstruction as well as having to work while railway and vehicle traffic continued did not make the task easier.


The commencement of traffic at the end of January was an important step towards the final investment deadline, which is currently planned for the end of June 2021. Finishing works are continuing on many fronts, including works connected with the laying of road surfaces and pavements, establishing of green areas and small architecture as well as works on the above car park.


There are works to be performed in the vicinity of historical monuments discovered during the construction, including the 17th century walls and fortified tunnels under the viaduct and next to the car park. The discovery of historical monuments of this class during the construction stage required an individual design approach and resulted in many organisational and performance issues.


Execution of the agreement: March 2018

Completion of the contract: June 2021

Contract gross value: approx. PLN 165 million

Investor: Gdańsk Municipal Office