Seven construction Oscars for 2021 for Budimex

News date: September 23, 2022
Seven construction Oscars for 2021 for Budimex

Investments for which Budimex was the general contractor won as many as seven awards in the "Construction of the Year 2021" competition, commonly known as the construction Oscars. The Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians awarded the best, in terms of engineering, construction sites in Poland completed in 2021.


The following investments completed by Budimex were awarded:

  • R&D centre of PKN ORLEN in Płock
  • The Sybir Memorial Museum in Białystok
  • "ZASPA VVITA" in Gdańsk
  • Wiślany Mokotów estate, stage V
  • Construction of stage B "OLYMPIC" as part of a housing estate "Mińska 69" in Warsaw
  • Multi-family residential building NIEMENA with a garage hall together with road and technical infrastructure in Poznań
  • Fredry 6 investment in Krakow - Stage II (Consortium of: Budimex SA, Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlano-Handlowo-Transportowe "Edmund Leś" companies)


The PKN Orlen Research and Development Centre, which received the first degree award, is a structurally and technologically advanced investment consisting of eight facilities. The scale of the project is reflected by the huge amounts of materials used to construct the Centre – to build it, we used 750 tonnes of steel, which is 3 times the total weight of the Statue of Liberty. These office and industrial buildings combine research and warehouse functions and include a technical building with a laboratory, research and testing facilities with a hall for projections and pilot runs with an area of almost 2,000 square metres, as well as a testing and raw material warehouse. The scope of the project also included the construction of an external warehouse with an installation for preparing mixes of fuels, an office building with administrative facilities for the whole Centre, and the required technical infrastructure. Construction works carried out by Budimex included building infrastructure in the vicinity of the buildings: internal roads, car parks and vehicle manoeuvre areas. The R&D Centre is situated on an area of 43,000 square metres.


The Sybir Memorial Museum is a special investment whose mission is to give evidence and commemorate the fate of Polish citizens deported to Siberia, primarily during World War II, but also in the times before and after. The scope of works carried out by Budimex included the reconstruction of the existing post-military warehouse at Węglowa Street for exhibition purposes, as well as the construction of a new part of the premises serving as a technical and administrative building. In order to implement the programme assumptions, warehouse building no. 5 was adapted to house the main exhibition and an annexed part for accompanying functions. There is also an open-air exhibition on the reconstruction of buildings, wagons, as well as elements of the armament of the Polish Army. The new part of the museum facility has been shaped so as not to interfere with the foundations of the existing warehouse. The development area is 3705.00 m2, the usable area is 5700.00 m2, and the cubic capacity is 28,388.00 m3.


The awards were received by Budimex SA representatives: Jakub Nagraba - Director of the General Construction Division, Marek Kułak - Contract Director of the Sybir Memorial Museum construction and Artur Adamus - Contract Director of the PKN Orlen Research and Development Centre in Płock.


The Construction of the Year title is awarded to the 45 best construction sites in Poland. A special jury, during a technical visit to the construction site, assesses the quality of the works, organisation of the construction and execution time, technical and technological solutions of the execution process, occupational safety and health protection, course and form of financing the investment, costs of execution of the building object, formal and legal solutions in the investment process, investor’s participation in the execution of the building object and the impact of the investment on the environment and the economy of the region.