S17 Zamość Wschód - Zamość Południe. Budimex signed a contract with GDDKiA for the design and construction of roads

News date: October 17, 2022
S17 Zamość Wschód - Zamość Południe. Budimex signed a contract with GDDKiA for the design and construction of roads

On 14 October, a contract was concluded between Budimex S.A. and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Lublin Branch, for the design and construction of the S17 Piaski-Hrebenne Expressway, Section 6: Zamość Wschód junction – Zamość Południe junction with a length of approximately 12.4 km. The contract was signed by Artur Popko – President of Budimex, and Mirosław Czech – Director of GDDKiA, Branch in Lublin, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets – Jacek Sasin, Minister of Infrastructure – Andrzej Adamczyk and Director of GDDKiA – Tomasz Żuchowski.


The scope of the project includes the design and construction of an expressway with a dual carriageway section (two lanes in both directions with emergency lanes). Engineering structures and roads to serve local traffic will also be built.


We plan to complete the design and construction works, together with obtaining an occupancy permit, within a maximum period of 36 months from the date of signing the contract, excluding winter periods," Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA, said during the signing.


The section will start with the Zamość Wschód junction, which will be built at the intersection with national road No. 74, in the vicinity of Jarosławiec.


The project will include the construction of two road junctions, a bridge and nine viaducts. Environmental aspects will be an important part of the project: animal crossings, noise barriers, retention tanks, culverts for amphibians and tree and shrub plantings, added Artur Popko.  


The project in numbers:

  • Road class: S
  • The number of carriageways and lanes: 2x2
  • Lane width: 3.5 m
  • Emergency lane width: 2.5 m
  • Width of roadsides: 0.75-4.0 m
  • Load capacity: 115 kN/axle
  • Contract value: PLN 358,239,357.00 net
  • Warranty period: up to 10 years


Work completion date: 36 months (the work completion time does not include winter periods, i.e. from 16.12 to 15.03; the design time includes winter periods, i.e. from 16.12 to 15.03).


The route will run east of the current national road No. 17, bypassing Barchaczów and Łabunie, and will end at the Zamość Południe junction near Wólka Łabuńska, at the junction with the road towards Tyszowce. As part of the project, a section of the DK74 from Zamość to Miączyn, about 4 km long, will also be extended. 


Budimex constructs an average of one in every four kilometres of express roads and motorways in Poland. Eighty per cent of road contracts are completed by the Polish general construction contractor before the required contractual deadline.