Rumia Janowo intermodal junction ready ahead of schedule

News date: October 27, 2022
Rumia Janowo intermodal junction ready ahead of schedule

On 26 October – one month ahead of the contractual deadline – Budimex completed and commissioned the Rumia Janowo intermodal junction in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. The investor was the city government. The opening of the junction brought together several hundred residents and the authorities of the Wejherowo Poviat, the local government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, with Marshal Mieczysław Struk.


Work on the site began on 18 March 2020. The aim of implementing the Janowo junction was primarily to improve traffic flow and modernise the surrounding infrastructure. The investment made it possible to integrate different modes of transport: rail, car, public transport and bicycle.


The project also included the creation of flood control reservoirs connected to the urban drainage system. This will protect our city from regular flooding, said Michał Pasieczny, Mayor of Rumia, during the opening of the project. Congratulations are well deserved to Budimex for their efficient operation and for carrying out all the work in the difficult terrain within the required deadline, continued the mayor of the city.


A tunnel connecting the two parts of the city, car parks, cycle paths, bus shelters and bays, pedestrian bridges and facilities for the disabled were built near the Rumia Janowo SKM station.


The biggest challenge was the construction of the tunnel, which passes under 4 active railway tracks and the platform of the Rumia Janowo stop, says Wojciech Kołacki, Budimex SA Contract Director. A road, pedestrian and bicycle route run through the tunnel. The static system of the structure is a single-span reinforced concrete frame with a closed cross-section and a span of 15 m for the walls and a length of 29.28 m, adds Kołacki.


Due to the railway infrastructure and the existing platform and platform shelter, the tunnel was made using the pipe-roofing method, which involves making the initial tunnel lining from steel pipes with diameters of 400 to 1,000 cm.


Then, the pipes were joined by special locks and were inserted into the ground by pressing. During the construction process, the continuity of rail traffic was maintained, with the speed of trains limited to a maximum of 60 km/h, says Kołacki.


The gross value of the contract was PLN 66 million. The investor is the municipality of Rumia. Multimodal transport junctions are also currently being constructed by Budimex in Lublin and Rzeszów.