Road from Zagórz to Komańcza commissioned

News date: November 3, 2014
Road from Zagórz to Komańcza commissioned

During the execution of the project, Budimex had to face many logistic and organisational challenges. The necessity to maintain traffic during performance of the works not only on the road being reconstructed, but also on bridge structures, narrow right-of-way, works carried out on a winding route with large gradients and over mountain brooks made the contractor apply unconventional solutions and maximum involvement. Some of the works, such as transport and assembly of steel structures, were conducted at night. In this manner the contractor minimized nuisance for the residents.

After two years since signing of the contract, the road from Zagórz to Komańcza gained a new look, became safe and convenient. Along the whole section, all the structural layers of the road surface were replaced and the road shoulders – reinforced. Along the road new pavements were constructed and the old ones were modernized. Junctions with poviat and commune roads, and voivodeship road No 889 were reconstructed. Also the existing exits and culverts were included in the process of reconstruction. The contractor built new bus bays and modernized the old ones. Also the road drainage system was improved. Under the project, Budimex reconstructed water supply pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage system, power engineering and telecommunication networks. The project also covered installation of new upright signs and painting of road surface markings.

Along a nearly 29 kilometer-long section of the road Budimex reconstructed 10 bridges. Two of them located in Rzepedź over the Osławica River were demolished and constructed from the scratch. The effect are two structures with the span of 40 m, without a central support. The river channel was widened in these places. To maintain smooth traffic on the road, for the period of constructing the new bridges Budimex built temporary detours with the use of assembly structures enabling installation of a structure within a week. Next four bridges: in Tarnawa Dolna and Szczawno over the Osława River, in Rzepedź over the Jawornik Stream, and in Komańcza over the Osławica River were modernized. The load-carrying structure constructed of prestressed beams was replaced by a steel-concrete composite deck. Part of the bridge abutments and columns was demolished, because their width was not suitable for the new parameters of the road. Due to a narrow right-of-way and related impossibility to construct temporary detours, the structures were constructed in two stages. The bridges were cut at the entire length, then one half was demolished and the other was used to maintain alternated traffic. After completion of the load-carrying structure, the traffic was transferred to the new bridge and the second stage could have been started. The bridges in Rzepedź over the Rzepedka River and the stream in Szczawno were equipped with an additional slab combined with the existing structure. Supports of the bridges were reinforced. In the case of the bridge in Jawornik over the Osławica River, it was necessary to demolish the entire slab within a single stage. As a result, for the period of works another temporary detour was constructed. Columns of the existing bridge were extended vertically and a new load-carrying structure was constructed (reinforced concrete slab structure). A new slab of the load-carrying structure was also built over the stream in Kulaszne.

The contract for the extension of the Zagórz–Komańcza voivodeship road with the net value of PLN 104.1 million was concluded on 21 September 2012. The investor is the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Roads Authority.