Progress of work on the construction of the S5 Nowe Marzy - Dworzysko section has exceeded 50%

News date: October 27, 2021
Progress of work on the construction of the S5 Nowe Marzy - Dworzysko section has exceeded 50%

The progress of work on the S5 Nowe Marzy - Dworzysko section implemented by Budimex has already exceeded 50%. Construction work concentrates on the main road in order to ensure maximum capacity of the new route as soon as possible.  We plan to complete the work on the main road by the summer of 2022. The entire project will be completed by the end of 2022 - according to the contractual deadline.


The contract for the implementation of this section was signed by Budimex with the investor: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Bydgoszcz, in April 2020. The work is being performed on a 23.3 km-long section of the S-5 expressway from the Nowe Marzy junction (not including the junction) to the Dworzysko junction (including the junction).


Budimex is continuing the work of another general contractor that completed only part of the work (29%). The contractual deadline for the construction is 22 months, excluding the winter months.


Scope of works on S5 - Nowe Marzy - Dworzysko:

Bridge scope - basic information:

A total of 38 bridge structures.

New structures: 4.

Structures to be renovated: 20 (including 4 structures within S5 with demolition of the old span and its replacement with a new one).

Structures to be finished: 14.

Concrete: 15,000 m3.

Reinforcement: 1,500 tonnes of steel.

Retaining walls: 6,500 m2 of retaining walls to be built.

Road scope - basic information:

24km of S5 expressway to be constructed including 5 road junctions.

400,000 tonnes of mineral-bituminous mixtures for building in

520,000 tonnes of excavations and 450,000 tonnes of built-in embankments.

Industry scope - basic information:

Construction of a 24 km technological canal.

Construction of a storm drain system and 28 storage reservoirs.

Building a traffic management system.

Construction of power supply and lighting for 5 road junctions.