Oleśnica Bypass Construction Under Way

News date: January 5, 2021
Oleśnica Bypass Construction Under Way

Construction work by Budimex continues on the eastern bypass of Oleśnica in the Dolnośląskie Province. Winter is not yet over, but the construction remains on schedule, and the 3.5 km long 451 provincial road will be commissioned for operation in the fourth quarter of 2021.


The construction of the bypass began at the end of 2020. Already by December of last year, the general contractor had completed the two layers of the road (base and binding courses) along a length of 0.8 km. Earthworks are currently under way along the main element of the bypass and work continues on storm drainage and removal of conflicts with buried infrastructure. Budimex is also managing the alteration of HV and MV cables, demolishing obsolete structures and clearing the site of vegetation.


Approximately 50 machines were working on the construction site last month. Although it is winter, the work is on schedule.


The contract implemented by Budimex provides for the construction of the DW 451 provincial road, known as the Oleśnica Southern Bypass, and structural upgrading of the existing provincial road carriageway from the intersection of the DW451 with ul. Warszawska towards the junction of the S8 expressway. The bypass will be a single carriageway, with two lanes in each direction. The road will feature bike paths. The objective of the project is to reduce the transit traffic volume in Oleśnica by diverting some to the S8. The contract value is 27.8 million PLN. The project owner is Dolnośląska Służba Dróg i Kolei in Wrocław and the project is subsidized with EU funds.