Budimex seeks more than 1,000 employees and introduces a new recruitment system

News date: October 23, 2018
Budimex seeks more than 1,000 employees and introduces a new recruitment system

Budimex, a general contractor for construction works in infrastructure, industry and energy, as well as general construction, is looking to add more than 1100 new employees by the end of 2019. This, the largest Polish construction company, will be the first company in the construction industry in Poland to introduce an external programme of recommendations for people to work. Everyone, regardless of their occupation, who effectively indicates a suitable employee for a position sought by Budimex will receive a financial reward of up to PLN 2,000.


The new employee acquisition system, known as Polecam [I recommend] Budimex (polecambudimex.pl), will be launched on 23 October of this year. Budimex is looking for employees in over 50 different specializations, all over Poland. Among these are: construction managers, works engineers, foremen, track engineers, etc. All announcements and the system for submitting recommendations are available on the program's website: polecambudimex.pl.


"Introduction of this innovative solution is an extension of our system of internal recommendations, which has been operating in Budimex for over two years. We strive to employ the best specialists in our industries," says Cezary Mączka - Member of the Management Board of Budimex, Director of Human Resources Management. "In the first half of 2018, we employed almost 100 people out of 240 recommendations. Managers and engineers most often find work through this system. We are the first construction company in Poland to introduce such a solution for external and not only internal recommendations, i.e. those made by the current employees of Budimex."


Budimex currently conducts over 300 construction contracts in Poland and abroad. The value of the projects portfolio increased from PLN 4 billion in 2014 to PLN 10 billion this year. At the same time, the Budimex Group increased the number of employees from 4.5 to over 7 thousand people. Budimex is the largest construction company in Poland.


"We are the largest employer in the construction market in Poland and a responsible employer. We were one of few companies in the market not to reduce employment in the years 2014-2016, when the construction industry underwent a drop in the number of projects. We pay taxes in Poland and we are the largest tax payer in the construction industry. At the moment, we are looking for specialized managers, engineers and foremen in many industries, especially in the field of railway and cubature construction," says Cezary Mączka.


Budimex is the leading entity among responsible employers in this market. Since 2011, Budimex has been a member of the RESPECT Index, which is the first stock exchange index of socially responsible companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The index was created in 2010. Companies that belong to the RESPECT Index undergo a three-stage examination, which finishes with an audit in order to confirm the highest CSR standards implemented by the company. Such a verification is carried out once a year. The project partners are WSE, Deloitte and SEG. Last year, Budimex was awarded the prestigious Godło Inwestor w Kapitał Ludzki [Human Capital Investor Emblem] award, in which the employees of companies evaluate their employers.