Major progress at PepsiCo construction site

News date: February 16, 2022
Major progress at PepsiCo construction site

The steel frame structure assembly for the new PepsiCo food manufacturing facility is in its final stage. Earth and foundation work has already been completed. The construction project delivered by Budimex was launched on 1 August 2021. The project value is more than PLN 350 million.


The facility will manufacture potato and corn snacks from the produce supplied by Polish farmers. Budimex’s task in the project is the construction of the facility along with building services, electromechanical work, land development, and utilities. The progress of specific work follows:


  • Processed soil volume: 117,625 m3
  • Platform construction aggregate area: 29,000 m2 in a 20 cm layer
  • Concrete volume: 5949 m3 (of which structural concrete 4689 m3)
  • Reinforcing steel quantity: ca. 753,000 kg
  • Roads and temporary yards: ca. 20,770 m2
  • Sub-rough system length: 3450 lin.m., ca. 3.5 km
  • Outdoor system length: 4510 lin.m., ca. 4.5 km
  • Steel quantity: building steel structure 573,973 kg
  • Installed pre-cast reinforced concrete structures: 34 columns, 94 walls, 14 beams, and 12 parapet walls


The area of the building plot is 30.6 ha and the building footprint area is 54,700 m2. The project is planned to meet the highest environmental sustainability parameters. The building will feature a water and process heat recovery system with heat conversion for cooling and heating. With environmental protection in mind, a photovoltaic system will be installed on the office building, plus a high-performance sewage treatment plant and chargers for electric vehicles. The facility will become climate-neutral by 2035.


“Budimex is building PepsiCo’s first European manufacturing facility in Środa Śląska. The design solutions for this project are intended to reduce its carbon footprint at the construction stage. The project will have advanced and the most efficient production lines with the lowest energy, water and gas consumption per 1 kg of production.” – says Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA.


Every day, nearly five hundred workers are at the construction site. The workers operate more than one hundred different construction machines.


“The new PepsiCo plant will significantly improve our production capacity. We will implement all kinds of the most sustainable solutions, those which are already used in other PepsiCo facilities and some completely novel. This will not only make this new facility state of the art, but it will favour the concept of sustainable growth.” – says Krzysztof Dudziński, Senior Project Leader for the new PepsiCo facility


The new facility will comprise a complex of buildings:


  • Manufacturing (Building P);
  • Warehouse (Building W);
  • Staff and office (Building O);
  • Entrance (for the gatehouse and security) (Building E);
  • Vehicle gatehouse (Building G);
  • Utility (Building U);
  • Oil pumping plant (Building L);
  • Production sewage treatment plant (Building S);
  • Water meter station (Building I);
  • Water pumping plant (Building R);
  • Pallet storage island roof (Building V).


The foundation stone ceremony held on 26 August 2021 was attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, President of PepsiCo Europe Silviu Popovici, Mayor of Środa Śląska Adam Ruciński, President of Legnicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. Przemysław Bożek, President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A. Artur Popko, and Managing Director of ARUP Elżbieta Cichońska.