Expansion of Żelazny Most

News date: May 8, 2018
Expansion of Żelazny Most

The KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. tailings plant and Budimex S.A. have signed a contract for the realization of the first stage of the expansion of the “Żelazny Most” tailings storage facility through adding the Southern Section. Modern construction technologies provide safe utilization of the facility and the development of KGHM in the copper belt.


The “Żelazny Most” tailings storage facility deals with the deposition of copper ore flotation waste from all the mining plants of KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.


Expansion of the “Żelazny Most” tailings storage facility by adding the Southern Section will be realized in two stages. Budimex S.A. has won the tender for execution of the first stage. This includes preparatory works and the construction of dams surrounding the Southern Section – the eastern dam located within the Rudna municipality and the western dam within the Polkowice municipality. Completion of the first stage is planned for the end of 2021, and will enable the commencement of depositing post-flotation waste over the whole Southern Section. The total value of the signed contract is PLN 578 million.


During the expansion of the “Żelazny Most” tailings storage facility, KGHM has chosen the safest option for the structure and sealing of the dams in terms of both the hydrotechnical and the environmental aspects. The target capacity of the Southern Section is about 170 million m3, the length of the outer dams about 6400 m, at a maximum height of 60 m, and beach width of 200 m. Construction of the existing “Żelazny Most” facility began in 1974, with its exploitation and simultaneous expansion beginning three years later.