Ingka Centres teamed up with Budimex to start construction work at the Ulrich Gardens. Opening as early as in 2022

News date: May 13, 2021
Ingka Centres teamed up with Budimex to start construction work at the Ulrich Gardens. Opening as early as in 2022

Ingka Centres has signed a contract with Budimex, the general contractor for the construction works of the historic Ulrich Gardens complex in Warsaw. The works will take about 12 months. In the summer of 2022, the revitalised Gardens will reopen, creating an innovative, ecological space of rest and recreation for all Varsovians.


As part of the contract concluded with Ingka Centres, the owner of Wola Park in Warsaw, Budimex will perform works related to the reconstruction and extension of the historic Ulrich Glasshouses and Ulrich Park, as well as the modernisation of Ulrich Villa and Zielona Chata (i.e. Green Cottage). This is the next stage of the investment – since the beginning of this year, the company Revita Art has been carrying out conservation work in the greenhouses. 


“Conservation works, which will be carried out in parallel with construction works, will make the atmosphere of this unusual place even more evident to us. We want the renovated space to recall the history of the Gardens from the time of the Ulrich family, but also to meet the expectations of the residents and our customers, which they reported during the public consultations held in 2018. That is why we designed a recreational zone, at the same time keeping in mind ecological solutions, such as the use of rainwater and green energy”, said Artur Drączkowski, project manager, Ingka Centres.


“We are happy to participate in the creation of a place which will benefit all local residents, regardless of their age. A sustainable and innovative approach to investment is very dear to us, which is why we were delighted to work with Ingka Centres on the restoration of the Ulrich Gardens In recent months, we have successfully completed the revitalisation of Park Ludowy in Lublin, and a year earlier, we completed the first BREEAM-certified public facility in Poland in Marki near Warsaw”, said Artur Popko, Vice-President of Budimex.


To ensure the safety of the residents and clients of Wola Park during the construction works, the passage between the two historic greenhouses has been closed off. Some of the parking spaces located in the guarded car park and between Ulrich Villa and the greenhouses have been excluded from use. The owner of Wola Park will inform about any additional traffic disruptions on an ongoing basis.


The concept of development of Ulrich Gardens is the responsibility of the architectural studio WXCA and LAB3. The gardens will consist of the Ulrich Greenhouses and Park, the Daily Garden, Ulrich Villa and Zielona Chata. A green space where innovation is intertwined with history. It once housed the first greenhouses of the Ulrich family in Warsaw, where tropical plants and exotic fruit were grown. 


Details of the investment, the history of the Ulrich Gardens and visualisations of the entire space after revitalisation can be found at www.ogrodyulricha.pl.