'House from the Heart 2' campaign finale - we handed over the keys to a new home to another family

News date: August 3, 2022
'House from the Heart 2' campaign finale - we handed over the keys to a new home to another family

The second 'House from the Heart' is now complete! Tuesday 26 July 2022 saw the grand finale of the campaign, which saw the turnkey completion of a house for the 8-person family of Iwona and Krzysztof and their six children. The second edition of the programme again involved partner companies, and their representatives met in Antoniewo near Brus in the Pomeranian Voivodeship to jointly hand over the keys to the family's dream home.


House from the Heart 2 is the continuation of a widely publicised campaign from a year ago, when Budimex, in cooperation with other companies, built, equipped and handed over a house to Magda and her disadvantaged 16-person family from Radomsko. This time, the beneficiaries of the programme were the 8-person family of Iwona and Krzysztof. In addition to the challenges associated with the illness of their two children and providing them with special care, the family is struggling with a difficult financial situation. Iwona and Krzysztof, in order to provide their children with better living conditions, decided to build their own house on an inherited plot. The family had started work, but due to their difficult financial situation, construction had to be put on hold. Budimex, in cooperation with other companies, helped the family to realise their dream and finish the house in turnkey condition.


On 26 July, we officially handed over the keys to the new house. All project partners, stakeholders and the media were invited to join the meeting. At the event, we summed up and presented all of the most important facts about the construction of the house. Thanks to the help of partner companies involved in the campaign, Iwona and Krzysztof's family were handed over a turnkey finished house of approximately 150 m2. The ground floor is occupied by a living room with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and utility rooms, while the first floor includes rooms for the children, as well as an additional bathroom.


‘Until the end, we couldn't believe how incredibly lucky we were. It took seven months from the handover of the house to Budimex to the day we got the house. It's a great feeling to be able to enter your home, to be able to provide our children with the right conditions for living, learning and healing. We would like to sincerely thank the organisers, sponsors, suppliers and everyone involved for their participation and help for making the construction of our house turnkey. We really thank you from the bottom of our hearts, together with my husband and children’ - said Iwona, a beneficiary of the programme.


I feel great joy and pride in our employees and gratitude towards the partners of the campaign. The attitude of all the companies involved in completing this house was very encouraging. All this so that I can personally join in to help and make another family's dream come true. I believe that this house will help Iwona and Krzysztof to provide warmth and comfort for their children.  We have tried to do our best to ensure that each child gets their own room to function comfortably and in good conditions’ - Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA, said during the finale of the campaign.


The ‘House from the Heart 2’ campaign was joined, for example, by Keller Polska, which got involved in financing the furnishing of the house. ‘We feel the responsibility for the surroundings we work in and, as far as we can, we try to support the local communities. If our support can improve the lives of at least a few people, then we are interested in trying to do something. After learning from our colleagues at Budimex that they were going to fund a new house for this family in need, and at the same time they had a proposal to support the construction, we did not hesitate and became one of the sponsors’ – says Artur Gaszewski, Chief Executive Officer of Keller Polska, about the company's participation in the campaign.


Another company that decided to support the campaign is Daikin ‘As Daikin, we are well aware that in addition to the business world, in which we, as the industry leader, operate on a daily basis, there is also a completely different world, the ordinary-life world, in which people themselves fight not for profits, but for their own well-being, peace of mind and a decent life in comfort. That is why we are proud to contribute to the co-creation of such a home and its warmth.  We believe that our modest contribution in the form of a Daikin Altherma heat pump, together with its commissioning, will serve the family for many years to come’ - says Agnieszka Pióro, Marketing Coordinator at Daikin.


Castorama Polska was also involved in the campaign, offering to help furnish the kitchen and two bathrooms, as well as supplying porcelain stoneware and preparing designs for the kitchen, bathrooms and living room ‘The story of Iwona and Krzysztof moved us very much. We decided to join the campaign and help the families fulfil the dream of having their own safe home. Involvement in projects such as 'House from the Heart' allows us to implement our corporate responsibility strategy.  By deciding to get involved in the project, we decided to help in the best way we can’ - comments Paweł Świętochowski, Business Relations and Social Projects Manager at Castorama Polska, on the company’s participation in the campaign.


The Porta Drzwi company was not indifferent towards the family in need either, donating modern interior doors to the house. ‘First of all, I am glad that this is the day. I am glad that we were able to help build the 'Home from the Heart', but the most important thing is that you will be able to enter your own home and live here from today’ - Kacper Michalik, Head of Investment at Porta Drzwi, directed these words to the family.


The Wiśniowski company, which provided the garage door, the front door and the technical door, also offered help with the campaign. ‘As a Wiśniowski company, we are proud to have been able to participate in such a worthy cause as building a home for a family. We hope that all the equipment, ours and that of our colleagues from other companies, will serve the family for many years to come’ - says Tomasz Borowicz, Regional Sales Manager at Wiśniowski.


Another Partner in the construction of the new house for Iwona and Krzysztof and their six children is Polbram, which provided the fencing system. FBSerwis SA, meanwhile, was responsible for laying the paving, which was supplied by Ginter. The company also helped to make the alterations to the well for the water meter and the gutter downpipes. Temporary fencing and generators were provided by Atut Rental.


The full roofing of the house was provided by Creaton, which donated excellent quality roof tiles. ‘We are extremely pleased to have been able to take part in the completion of this beautiful project. My wife and I are from Brus, one of our factories is in Chojnice, so we couldn't refuse to participate in this project. As soon as we found out about it, an application was immediately submitted to the President of our company and the decision to help was made in 15 minutes. We would also like to thank Budimex very much for being invited to this project. All the best to the family, and may you live well here’ - said Rafal Ziółtkowski, Creaton Sales and Technical Advisor, during the finale of the campaign.


The highest standards of roofing were carried out by the general contractor Budhaus, which also fitted the house with a lightning protection system. Drutex also decided to support Budimex's action by funding PVC windows. The complex construction of the 10 kWp photovoltaic installation was handled by the SunSol company with the support of Corab, which provided the complete assembly structure. Keno and Goodwe were also involved in the SunSol initiative.


Household appliances were provided by RTV EURO AGD. The House from the Heart gained colour thanks to the Magnat brand (Śnieżka Group) which provided the Magnat On-Reflex and Magnat Ceramic paints. The external plaster and façade paint were provided by the Foveo-Tech brand (Śnieżka Group). 30 pieces of house lighting were donated by Sigma Lighting. For the second time, the company Blue Energy also joined the campaign and donated IT equipment to the family. ‘I am very happy that initiatives such as this can make dreams come true. I hope that the computer equipment we offer to the family of Iwona and Krzysztof will help their children to develop’ - Paweł Tomys, representative of the Blue Energy company, said during the campaign final. Similarly, the iSowa Foundation once again took part in the ‘House from the Heart’ campaign, providing the residents of the new house with a ‘Magic Carpet’ - an interactive teaching aid.


Thanks to the support of all campaign Partners, the dream of Iwona, Krzysztof and their six children: Roksana, Marietta, Ewelina, Szymon, Kasia and the youngest, Adaś, came true. From now on, they can enjoy their own comfortable home.


The media patrons of the second edition of the ‘House from the Heart’ campaign were: Dziennik Bałtycki and Radio Gdańsk.