House for 16-member family

News date: October 30, 2020
House for 16-member family

Budimex has worked together with other companies from Poland to construct, equip and hand over a house for Magda’s 16-member family from Radomsko. Help from the depths of the heart.


Budimex joined for a great cause with other companies and decided to construct a house for one of families in need within the #DomZSerca initiative. The new house will be a living space where children will have appropriate conditions for learning and developing their talents.


Magda will move into the one-storey house with the area of 200 m2 next spring. She will move from her 2-room flat to the 9-room house with two bathrooms, two dressing rooms and eight rooms for children, the youngest one of whom is 4 years old. The house will be fully equipped thanks to the engagement of the following partners: OBI, AkzoNobel, BlackRedWhite, Candellux Lighting, Dyckerhoff Polska, .mdd, RedNet Property, RTV EURO AGD. The communication support is granted by Synertime, Komunikacja Plus and Procontent.


The impulse to organise this action was Magda and her family’s difficult situation. At the beginning of the year, the media became interested in their situation because the court decided to take custody of eleven children from the mother. This decision was to be taken due to difficult living conditions. Magda’s dream was to provide her children with a stable safe home full of warmth and love. Her current place of residence does not create such a possibility. Thanks to several companies’ assistance and engagement, Magda’s dream will soon become the reality. Within the #DomZSerca initiative, a new house for this family will soon be constructed. This project coming from the depths of the heart is aimed at helping the family in a difficult situation. At the same time, it draws attention to the situation of many large families in Poland and encourages people to initiate similar efforts to help families in need.


In Poland, there are approximately 500 thousand big families, i.e. families with at least three children. These families often face a number of comprehensive challenges – they have financial, housing and often social problems. According to Związek Dużych Rodzin “Trzy Plus” (Association of Big Families Three Plus), on average one-third of the family budget is spent on food, the rest of it is consumed by costs connected with school (27%), additional activities for children (26%), costs connected with nursery and kindergarten (19%) and transport (15%). Due to these reasons, income of half of big families in Poland does not allow them to satisfy their everyday needs, not to mention the construction or renovation of a house. According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), these families experience the greatest difficulties in the scope of ensuring good housing conditions. Problems deepen when the family gets bigger.


- Always after each construction we carry out we leave something permanent and good for the family and the community that lives in its vicinity. When we learnt about Magda and her family’s hardship and story, we wanted to leave this good trace just in this place. Together with partners of this initiative, for the last six months we have been working to develop the necessary design and to obtain permits. Thanks to work performed by many people, we have reached the stage allowing us to start the construction. The new house for Magda will be constructed within a very short time. The house structure will be ready in December. Finishing and furnishing will take another two months. We want Magda to spend Easter with her children at the new address – says Dariusz Blocher, President of Budimex SA.


The official opening of the #DomZSerca initiative was held on 29 October. The opening was symbolised by one of the most important moment at the construction site – laying the foundations for the house for the big family from the area of Radomsko. The main message of this gesture of companies’ solidarity is to emphasize the will to help others, which nowadays is very important.


- It is exceptional in this project that so many companies and organisations have got engaged into it. It shows that in situations calling for help people can unite and work together. .mdd has got engaged in the CSR initiatives many times. We have equipped with our furniture many local institutions, such as: children’s homes, building of the Volunteer Fire Department and even hospital. We are happy that we can be part of this project and equip Magda’s house. We are looking forward to the final effect – underlined Marcin Remus, General Director of .mdd


- The decision to participate in the #DomZSerca project was a matter of seconds. We knew at once that we wanted to take part in this joint initiative. Thanks to this project we have a real impact on the improvement of Magda and her children’s situation. Helping others gives us not only the satisfaction due to well performed work, but also the awareness of the real impact on the improvement of another person’s situation. Therefore, everybody that has more should share with others, give something back – Agnieszka Berne, Manager of the office, Candellux Lighting.


- For many years RTV EURO AGD has got engaged in activities from the scope of social responsibility, which are an integral part of our organisational culture. We willingly support projects which significantly influence the improvement of the situation of specific people. That is why we are present in the #DomZSerca initiative. We are happy that we could get engaged in this project together with other companies for which it is equally important as for us to help and be socially sensitive – Ilona Federowicz, PR Manager, RTV EURO AGD.


- Our response to the question about the participation in this programme was immediate – yes! First of all, because this programme perfectly fits in our engagement in social projects. Adding colours is for us something more than painting walls. We want help to make other people’s lives more positive and inspiring as it was in the case of many institutions or towns pained by us. In the case of this programme, it is also very important that we can be part of the team of partners who together can make a colourful change – Michał Piestrzeniewicz, Sales Director at AkzoNobel.


 We believe in the value of family. We also think that helping others is meaningful. We are sure that we can and should contribute to the improvement of other people’s situations – Maksymilian Cukrowicz, Regional Director of Dyckerhoff Polska.


- In OBI, the driving force behind our activities is the desire to create better houses and gardens. That is why, the #DomZSerca project has been for us from the very beginning not only the assistance for a specific family, but also a symbol. Through this gesture of solidarity we prove that it is possible to design comfortable and functional spaces tailored to the need of each family. Additionally, by the participation in this initiative we want to inspire our surroundings to help others. We want to draw attention to the fact that it is worth taking a look around, becoming interested in local needs to see how many good things we can do – Agata Laskowska, company spokesperson, communications coordinator at OBI.


The broadcast of the opening ceremony of the house construction near Radomsko is available at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/BudimexSA


The website of the #DomZSerca initiative is created. Everybody will be able to follow on it the progress of works at the house construction site. It will include information about similar initiatives undertaken by Budimex and other companies.


Partners of the initiative: AkzoNobel, BlackRedWhite, Candellux Lighting, Dyckerhoff Polska, Synertime, Komunikacja Plus, .mdd, OBI, Procontent, RedNet Property, RTV EURO AGD.