Home from the Heart is finished

News date: November 24, 2020
Home from the Heart is finished

The construction of a house for Magda and her family from Wierzbica near Radomsko has been completed. The foundation was poured on 29 October and the construction of the house started two months later. Now the body of the house is ready!


It took only five working days to complete the building shell of the house with a total area of 220 square metres and a roof. The house was constructed using prefabricated modules.


The only things left to be done are the installation and the finishing works inside the house. The whole project will be completed when we finish the earthworks and build a fence. The general contractor is Budimex.  Magda and her children will move into the house in spring 2021. Budimex has joined forces with other Polish companies to construct, equip and give the house to Magda and her family of 15 from Radomsko. Help from the depths of the heart. Magda and her children live in two rooms.


Magda’s story has touched many people’s hearts. Her house will also have a permanent Internet connection. “There are also donors who want to fund scholarships for Magda’s school-aged children,” says Dariusz Blocher, President of Budimex SA.


“We are impressed by the speed of construction - we can see that the crew is really committed to this project. Our company is now choosing colours and gathering the finishing materials. We are looking forward to assembly. We are observing the progress of works with great interest and waiting for our turn,” says Katarzyna Jankowska, Head of Customer Service Department of rednet Dom.


“The speed of this project is impressive. But what is even more impressive is how generous initiatives can bring people together. This help from the depths of the heart, provided by Budimex, turned into a real avalanche of goodness and we are pleased to be a part of it. Soon we will start equipping and designing some of the rooms. All our designs are ready, so we are just waiting for the green light,” says Wojciech Tokarz, Vice-President of the Management Board of Black Red White.


“We quickly decided to participate in this project, so we are pleased that construction works are going so fast as well. We are happy that so many companies decided to help Magda and that our joint initiative is gaining momentum. We are waiting for further progress of construction works and our turn to let some light into this family’s life,” says Agnieszka Berne, Office Manager of Candellux Lighting.


“At PORTA, we know how important it is to give something of yourself. That is why we have provided local and global support for many years. The year 2020 has shown us that when we act together, we can create something good. That is why we could not disregard this project. We are happy to add our share to the construction of a new house for a family in need,” says Piotr Chodak, PR and Digital Marketing Manager of PORTA DRZWI.


“The progress of the ‘Dom z Serca’ project had us pleasantly surprised. Congratulations! We are really impressed and we are looking forward to the next construction stages. We have already started some preparation, and colours on the walls will give this house a lot of positive energy,” says Michał Piestrzeniewicz, Sales Director of AkzoNobel.


For a great cause, Budimex and other companies joined forces and decided to construct a house for a family in need as part of the #DomZSerca initiative. The new house will be a living space where children will have appropriate conditions for learning and developing their talents.


Magda will move into the house in spring next year. She will move from her 2-room flat to the 9-room house with two bathrooms, two dressing rooms and eight rooms for children, the youngest one being four years old. The house will be fully equipped thanks to the engagement of the following partners: OBI, AkzoNobel, BlackRedWhite, Candellux Lighting, Dyckerhoff Polska, .mdd, Porta, RedNet Property, RTV EURO AGD. The communication support is granted by Synertime, Komunikacja Plus and Procontent.


The impulse to organise this action was the difficult situation of Magda and her family. At the beginning of the year, the media became interested in their situation because the court decided to remove the mother’s custody rights over her eleven minor children. This decision was to be taken due to difficult living conditions. Magda’s dream was to give her children a stable and safe home full of warmth and love. It is impossible in her current place of residence. Thanks to the assistance and engagement of several companies, Magda’s dream will soon become reality.


At domzserca.pl you can read Magda’s story and see the progress of construction works.


Project partners: AkzoNobel, BlackRedWhite, Candellux Lighting, Dyckerhoff Polska, Synertime, Komunikacja Plus, .mdd, OBI, Porta, Procontent, RedNet Property, RTV EURO AGD.