Hello ICE Safety Day organized in the Primary School in Warsaw

News date: October 25, 2019
Hello ICE Safety Day organized in the Primary School in Warsaw

The students from the school in Warsaw took part in the Safety Day, as part of the new edition of Hello ICE, an educational and social program run by Budimex. Budi Tiger, the biggest star of the event, could not miss the opportunity to give out some gifts. The children received special ICE cards, reflective accessories and a lot of knowledge that they could use in a test on safety.


From the early morning, Budi helped the students cross the street near Primary School No. 128 in Warsaw, at 15 Kadetów Street.


The Hello ICE program’s mascot, a Siberian tiger named Budi, made the children feel safe. Budi wore an orange vest and held a large "STOP" sign, which made him easily visible to drivers from a distance. When seeing the almost two-meter-high tiger, drivers slowed down, while the children eagerly grabbed his paw. The children had the opportunity to meet not only Budi but also representatives of the fire department, who told them about the road safety rules and the risks of not following them. Their knowledge was later tested in a short quiz.


Employees from Budimex, which is the originator and organizer of the Hello ICE program, were also present. They presented the children with the reality of everyday construction works. After the educational part, it was time to have fun with Budi. The children played their favourite "Plush Hospital", which was a great hit of the first Safety Day, organized in September in Puławy.


The children received reflective accessories that could be attached to their backpacks or jackets. These simple gadgets are a great way to improve their visibility on the road. They can also act as an information card on which parents can write their contact data. The main aim of all these actions is greater care about children's safety on the roads, especially in the coming winter. Unfortunately, it is getting darker now, which means that some children arrive to and leave school when it is still dark for more than two months a year. This can increase the risk of a tragic accident, especially in schools where the infrastructure conditions do not meet the minimum safety standards required. ‘Roads in Poland are in urgent need of renovation. We can observe some progress, but the educational institution's infrastructure is still inefficient. It is, therefore, necessary to teach road safety,’ explained Katarzyna Wójcik, the expert at the Communication Office of Budimex.


As police statistics show, the number of road accidents with children as pedestrians is decreasing every year. It is encouraging, but at the same time it offers further evidence that educational programs like Hello ICE do work. Increasing people’s awareness of threats and showing the methods of preventing them is an opportunity to further decrease the number of deaths due to road accidents. Although it is still impossible to completely prevent accidents, even with technical development, we can influence the effects of such unfortunate events and protect our loved ones through appropriate education.


Hello ICE is an educational and social campaign run by Budimex, aimed at educating children on road safety. Hello ICE received the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education. The core of the “Hello ICE” campaign is an interactive map of dangerous places that can be used by everyone to mark a dangerous place on the road to school. You can mark the dangerous points in your neighbourhood at www.helloice.pl