Budimex commissions extensions to a research hospital in Białystok

News date: October 10, 2018
Budimex commissions extensions to a research hospital in Białystok

Patients of the modernised University Research Hospital, whose floor space has doubled, can now use the new Dialysis Centre, Clinical Research Centre, and Nephrology Ward. The expansion was a real challenge, because during the works, the hospital remained open, which involved, among other things, the relocation some of the wards and their staff, as well as making sure that utilities were still provided.


The opening of the expanded hospital took place on October 10th. The value of the construction project was over PLN 282 million, which was commissioned by the Medical University of Bialystok. Budimex began two-stage works in July 2011 and finished them in September 2018. Thanks to modernisation, the hospital has been expanded by an area of 100,000 m3. The usable floor space of the buildings is 38,100 sq. m. the usable area of the upward extension in buildings D and E is 2700 sq. m. The works also included the reconstruction of buildings A, B, C, the upward extension of pavilions G and H, the upward extension of pavilion F, the installation of internal systems in the buildings, the construction of a three-storey car park (for 210 cars) and the demolition of the helicopter pad.


The modernisation was seamless. Seventy percent of the core and shell of the rehabilitation building, and the earthworks for buildings G and H were done within just a few months. Also, the building M was secured against ground water.


The new hospital, which is twice as large as previously, received a new Dialysis Centre, a Clinical Research Centre, and a Nephrology Ward. Now, patients will be treated in more comfortable conditions, because each room has its own bathroom, and, thanks to the expansion, the hospital improved the passageways and increased the number of beds, since the bed count was previously insufficient.


The construction was an organisational challenge


The project was an extremely important, yet demanding, one. Before the expansion, the hospital was a heavily exploited place, whose nearly 50-year-old building could barely serve its dual function of a university and health care facility. The shortage of intensive care beds and of teaching rooms, even for the 1000 students of the medical faculties who were in the hospital each day, was especially severe. In addition to the scheduled scale of activities, the construction commissioned to Budimex was also a significant challenge in terms of organisation, because the works had to be carried out while the hospital was still operating as usual.


“We were systematically relocating some of the clinics together with their staff. We had to ensure 100% availability of all utilities, i.e. electricity and water. The well-being and peace of the patients was put on the line. All of that required special diligence when carrying out construction activities”, reported Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A. “I am really glad that we managed to efficiently carry out all of the works and, at the same time, enable the hospital to operate as usual. This is yet another project in the medical industry where we have been responsible for a wide range of works. We have also modernised the Praga Hospital in Warsaw, the Provincial Polyclinical Hospital in Toruń, and the Regional Health Centre in Lublin (Regionalne Centrum Zdrowia w Lublinie). Those projects were also of great importance from a social point of view and that is why I feel more than satisfied that we could once again help in improving patients’ treatment conditions.”