Construction of the control tower in Pyrzowice

News date: June 23, 2017
Construction of the control tower in Pyrzowice

On the 23 June 2017 the cornerstone was laid for construction of the new air traffic control tower in Pyrzowice, which will be the highest facility of this type in Poland.


Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure and Construction; Janusz Niedziela, President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency; Artur Tomasik, President of Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze and Dariusz Blocher, President of Budimex SA signed the foundation act for the new control tower and laid the cornerstone for the construction.

The control tower at Katowice Airport will be the highest facility of this type in Poland.

The 46 meter tall building with the area of over 1800 sq. m. will house tower control position rooms and approach control rooms, technical and garage facilities as well as the social base. A system of internal roads and car park will be constructed around the tower. The operating level is located at the level of 42 m. The new tower is located in the south-eastern part of the airport. It will replace the old, “only” 23 meter one.

The design of the building is composed of two elements. The lower part is constituted by a two-storey building with the frame made of poles and walls. The second part, 45.75 m high, includes a core constructed as a vertical support with rectangle cross-section with a lift shaft and installation shafts separated inside. The core is founded on a foundation slab and the floor of the main part of the tower is placed on horizontal supports in the upper part of the main part. The tower is covered by a steel roof.


The tower façade is designed of aluminium composite board. The core will house an electric lift with an elevator pit and shaft top, without a machine room, adapted to emergency team requirements.

The new tower in Pyrzowice will be completed at the beginning of 2018. The contract value is PLN 20.22 million net.


The control tower at Katowice Airport is a project related to air traffic safety and improvement of its flow, and above all will become one of infrastructural showpieces of Śląskie province.