Completion of an important stage of the Port of Gdynia railway junction modernisation

News date: March 31, 2022
Completion of an important stage of the Port of Gdynia railway junction modernisation

In March, Budimex completed the first stage of works related to the alteration of the Port of Gdynia railway junction. The primary objective of the project is to improve the throughput of this strategic railway junction and increase the volume of cargo. Budimex has already completed more than 55% of all works covered by the contract.


Within the scope of the contract, Budimex is responsible for the reconstruction of the Port of Gdynia railway station with the modernisation of connections to the quays and the accompanying infrastructure. Within stage 1 of the investment project, the general contractor has carried out track works, drainage works, road works, volume works as well as works related to the overhead contact line and railway traffic control. From now on, traffic is conducted from the new GPB LCS control room building. The value of the works executed as part of this contract is approximately PLN 850 million net. Modernisation of the Port of Gdynia station involves an average of 480 people and 150 equipment units per day.


 Scope of the work completed to date:

  • installation of switches and crossings: 180 pcs.
  • laying of track structure: 60 km
  • construction of cable lines: 160 km
  • construction of lighting poles: 570 pcs.
  • installation of the overhead contact line: 30 km
  • installation of poles, overhead line gantries: 800 pcs.
  • execution of cable network: 200 km
  • execution of cable ducts: 20 km
  • installation of signalling devices and rail traffic control equipment: 1050 pcs.


"Reconstruction of the Port of Gdynia railway junction is a very important infrastructural investment for the city, region and national transport. Once the construction is complete, the number of handled trains will increase, while the load handling time will be shortened. Moreover, the Gdynia tracks will become accessible to longer (up to 740 m) freight trains, carrying more goods. This investment project will considerably improve the cargo transport capacity in this part of Poland", said Maciej Olek, Director of Railway Construction at Budimex SA.


Within the entire investment project, 115 km of track and over 350 switches will be modernised, and access routes to the port will be electrified. 13 km of roads, a railway bridge, and two railway grade crossings will be redeveloped. Moreover, the communication will be facilitated by two new railway viaducts. The contract also covers the construction of the Local Control Centre building, two railway control rooms, a PKP Cargo office building and an overhaul of three existing control rooms. The investment project is co-financed from the funds of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), and its total cost is PLN 1.5 billion net.


The planned completion date of the contract with certification and all necessary acceptances is 31 August 2023. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA is the investor.


Budimex is one of the leaders of railway construction in Poland. The company is currently undertaking such contracts as the new Warszawa Zachodnia station, constituting one of the largest PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA investment projects. At present, Budimex is also responsible for the reconstruction of the Ełk station and Czechowice Dziedzice station. Ongoing works related to the completion of the E59 railway line modernisation are being undertaken on the section between Rokietnica – Wronki and reconstruction of the E30 railway line between Trzebinia and Krzeszowice. In 2021, Budimex completed the modernisation of the No. 7 railway line between Warsaw and Lublin on the section Otwock-Pilawa and Dęblin-Nałęczów.