Completed construction of the Gdynia Maritime University Offshore Centre

News date: September 15, 2022
Completed construction of the Gdynia Maritime University Offshore Centre

The traditional perch, which symbolises the construction of the highest point of the building, has been hung on the Gdynia Maritime University Offshore Centre that is under construction in Gdańsk.


"We have completed the structural reinforced concrete and masonry works as well as the installation of the steel structure in the warehouse." - says Jakub Nagraba - Director of the General Construction Division of Budimex S.A. "Window joinery and aluminium windows are already being installed. The installation of sanitary facilities such as heating and cooling, sanitary sewage, hydrant and ventilation are in progress. The installation of the flush-mounted electrical installation and electrical trays is planned to start next week." – adds Jakub Nagraba.


At the current second stage of the works, Budimex has completed structural reinforced concrete and masonry works, and the installation of partition walls has begun. The flush-mounted electrical system and sanitary installations are also about to be completed. Elevation works are planned to start next week. The work is scheduled to be completed in mid-2023, and the move to the new premises of the Maritime Institute of the GMU should be completed by the end of next year.


"The GMU Offshore Centre will be a research and education facility for the national offshore wind energy sector" - explains Professor Adam Weintrit, PhD, DSc(Eng), Master Mariner, Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University. "Our duty - as a maritime university - is to support the development of the offshore wind energy sector through teaching, research, training and advisory activities. We want to participate in the creation of a local Polish supply chain for the offshore industry, and we are doing our best to make the Centre the nucleus of the 'Polish Offshore Valley'."


"Offshore technologies are part of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Board's programme of Smart Specialisations of Pomerania" - emphasised Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal Mieczysław Struk. "The Offshore Centre will help strengthen the international competitiveness and accelerate the pace of development of enterprises in the maritime economy sector in Pomerania through the implementation of research and development works, creating innovative products, services and technologies in the area of exploration and exploitation of marine resources in an environmentally safe manner."


The GMU Offshore Centre will be the headquarters of not only the Maritime Institute but also the UMG Offshore Wind Energy Centre, which will support the offshore sector by educating management staff, providing modern industry knowledge and integrating the offshore wind energy community. Since March, the UMG has been running the first Executive MBA programme for the offshore wind energy sector in Poland and the second in the world.


During the Thursday event taking place in the vicinity of the Wisłoujście Fortress, a symbolic contract was signed between the Gdynia Maritime University, MEWO S.A. and PGE Baltica. The contract concerns environmental research for the Baltica 1 offshore wind farm project.


"The PGE Group strongly emphasises the inclusion of Polish entities in the development of our offshore wind farms. That is why I am glad that we will also benefit from the experience of national partners in the Baltica 1 project. We have already cooperated with the MEWO company from Pomerania on environmental research related to the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm, and we are cooperating with the Maritime University in Gdynia in other fields - educating staff for the Polish offshore wind sector" - says Piotr Dziubałtowski, PGE Baltica's Vice President for Operations.


"The dynamic development of wind energy can prove to be a driving force for the University and for many areas of the domestic economy.  The contract signed with PGE Baltica 1 is one of the largest in the history of the University. We will be able to take full advantage of the extensive competencies and experience of the University’s employees" - emphasises Professor Adam Weintrit, PhD, DSc(Eng), Master Mariner, Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University. "The contract requirements accelerated the necessary investments in specialised equipment for the GMU Maritime Institute." - adds the Rector of the GMU


OFFSHORE Centre in numbers:

  • Two two-storey buildings with a total floor area of 5,500 m2
  • Warehouse for measuring devices and equipment with an area of 440 m2 (height 7.5 m)
  • Laboratory, office, workshop and social facilities for approximately 200 workstations,
  • Direct access to the Wisłoujście Quay with a total length of approx. 500 m, including 200 m of a transhipment quay (20 kN/m2),


The value of the investment with equipment is estimated at approx. PLN 50 million. The project is co-financed by the European Union funds - Regional Operational Programme of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Works are to be completed in June 2023.