Budimex wins Polityka’s CSR Leaf

News date: June 8, 2022
Budimex wins Polityka’s CSR Leaf

The White CSR Leaf goes to the corporations which declare the implementation of core management categories (like work practices, including a formalised employee performance assessment system, an environmental impact management system, social commitment, and growth of local communities) and have been improving in this area to effectively manage their impact on the environment.


“We understand we are a corporation which operates in an environment which is not void. We are part of society, and this is why we build our relations and model of cooperation with the focus on the supreme value – people. We strive to best fulfil the role of a responsible business and employer, and a good neighbour. We consistently implement the ideas of social responsibility and sustainable growth. The best proof of this is the yet another CSR Leaf among our awards”, – explains Anna Karyś-Sosińska, HR Management Director at Budimex, who personally collected the White CSR Leaf from the hands of Jerzy Baczyński, Editor-in-Chief of “Polityka” during the awards gala.


At Budimex, corporate social responsibility includes long-term projects which support communities living near the construction projects carried out by the company. They include the Parent Zone program, under which Budimex develops and renovates the areas for the youngest patients and their parents in children’s hospital wards. Hello ICE is another program by Budimex, aimed at improving the safety of commuting children. Last year, Budimex launched the #DomZSerca program (“A Home of Heart”), under which it partners with businesses and builds homes for impoverished multi-child families. The first house built under the program was built in Wierzbica near Radomsko. The construction of another one is underway in Brusy, Pomeranian Province.