Budimex to Construct a Prototype Section of Road Pavement

News date: June 28, 2017
Budimex to Construct a Prototype Section of Road Pavement

On the next Thursday, Budimex will construct a prototype road pavement section in connection with implementation of the project entitled: “Asphalt millings. Innovative technology of mineral and asphalt mix using materials from recycled asphalt pavement” (InnGA).


The project is being implemented by the consortium of Road and Bridge Research Institute, Warsaw University of Technology and Budimex SA and co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development under the European Regional Development Fund - Innovative Economy. The aim of the project is, including but not limited to, to demonstrate that it is justified from the technological point of view to produce mineral and asphalt mix with the higher content of asphalt granulate than permitted by current legislation. It is also planned to modify the instruments in the mineral and asphalt mix production plant so that it is possible to dose the processed asphalt millings in accordance with the new technology.


The research project includes construction of separate road sections where it is planned to use mineral and asphalt mix for the binder course and road base with 50% content of asphalt granulate and 30% content of asphalt granulate from the old wearing course SMA in the new wearing course, executed also in the stone mastic asphalt (SMA) technology.

Budimex will perform two prototype road pavement sections within the project.


First section will be made on a municipal road along Kielecka street in Jędrzejów. The carriageway is 7 m wide there and the length of the section is ca. 450 m. It is designed to construct a bituminous road base with the thickness of 7 cm (550 tons), binder course with the thickness of 5 cm (390 tons) and wearing course with the thickness of 4 cm (320 tons) in order to repair the pavement. The works are planned for 29-30.06.2017.


The second section will be constructed along DK78, section from Nagłowice town to Orlen gas station, ca. 1 km long, managed by General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Branch in Kielce, Area in Jędrzejów. The works are planned for 13-14.07.2017.


The mix used for construction of the prototype sections will be produced in the unique in Poland, 2 drum bituminous mixing plant belonging to Budimex and located in the Potok Mały municipality close to Jędrzejów.


Further development works will be related to development of production procedures and requirements based on the sample test series and supervision of the prototype section laid.