Budimex to build S3 at the Brzozowo – Rzęśnica section

News date: December 18, 2017
Budimex to build S3 at the Brzozowo – Rzęśnica section

Budimex signed contracts with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Branch Office Szczecin for the construction of two sections of the S3 express road. The contract on behalf of the company was signed by President of the Board, Dariusz Blocher.


Under the task: Construction of S3 road along the Brzozowo – Miękowo section including expansion of the Miękowo – Rzęśnica section Budimex will adapt the national road No 3 to the parameters of the express road along the Brzozowo – Miękowo section together with the construction of the Brzozowo ring road and at the Miękowo (end of Miękowo ring road) – Rzęśnica (Rzęśnica junction including the junction) section. The contract is performed in the “design and build” formula.

The first task, Brzozowo – Miękowo, comprises a 22.4 km long section. The construction of the S3 road will be carried out primarily in forest areas. The contract will include the construction of: flyovers, overhead wildlife crossings, drainage and wildlife crossing culverts, the bridge over the Gowienica river and the Brzozowo, Przybiernów and Babigoszcz junctions together with services.

The contract for the construction of the Brzozowo – Miękowo section is valued at PLN 293.13 million net.

The second task will require the extension of the existing S3 road at the section from the Miękowo ring road, from Goleniów Północ junction to the Rzęśnica junction, where the road requires adaptation to the current parameters of an express road. This is a 3.8 km long section. It includes the construction of the Kliniska road junction and the conversion of the Rzęśnica junction at the intersection of the S3 road with DW-142 provincial road. The existing forest parking places and forest exits will be removed, new wildlife crossings and fences protecting the road from wildlife intrusion will be built. In total, 4 road structures will be built (overhead wildlife crossing, flyover at the Kliniska and Rzęśnica junctions and a pedestrian footbridge). Furthermore, an existing structure at the Ina river will be adapted to perform the function of a wildlife crossing.

The contract for the construction of the Miękowo – Rzęśnica section is valued at PLN 102.66 million net.

The Brzozowo – Rzęśnica section comprises part of the northern section of national road No 3, connecting Szczecin and the south of Poland with the coast and ferry terminal in Świnojście.

Completion date for both sections is 34 months from the date of the Contract conclusion, including obtaining the permit for use. The design time includes winter periods (i.e. from 15 December to 15 March). The Works implementation time (Works implementation stage) does not include winter periods.