Budimex tests power banks for the construction industry

News date: August 9, 2021
Budimex tests power banks for the construction industry

Under the European project LIFE CLEANAIRMM (LIFE18 ENV/DE/000054), Budimex SA has started working with the German-Finnish start-up Instagrid GmbH, which manufactures portable batteries for powering construction equipment. Power banks replace combustion power generators. Their application is aimed at developing emission-free construction technologies.


Instagrid portable batteries supply power to construction equipment such as drills or welders. They operate in all weather conditions (-20 to 45°C) and are waterproof. An undoubted advantage of batteries for the environment and construction workers is the fact that they do not generate exhaust gases, which makes work easier in less ventilated rooms and does not pollute the air. Batteries also do not cause noise and vibrations.


The new power supply system is a technological innovation that offers many benefits to the natural environment. The manufacturer declares that, according to tests, regular use of the battery over a three-year period can reduce the power cost by 35% and save 250 hours of equipment operation. Replacing a combustion generator with a power bank also prevents the release of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


“The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the priorities in the Budimex’s current sustainable development policy. The new device not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also lowers noise and is much more convenient in transport,” says Cezary Mączka, Member of the Management Board of Budimex responsible for innovations in the Budimex Group.


This 230V / 3.6 KW device ensures up to 2 kWh of energy availability during a working day, weighs less than 15 kg and is very easy to use. The declared time needed to fully charge the battery is only 3 hours. Instagrid also features a GPS device for easy device tracking, a remote status monitoring system, and a remote lock that can be turned on in the event of theft. A single power bank is sufficient for the daily operation of a high-voltage construction device.


In July this year Budimex acquired four such devices, which are now at the Equipment Services Department in Pruszków. The ongoing tests, experiments and verification will allow operational evaluation of the Instagrid battery in the context of an effective and easy-to-use power supply system for construction devices in contracts performed by Budimex. The tests are to end in spring 2022, and if they are successful, verification will also be carried out in other Budimex divisions.