Budimex plants 200 trees in Bialystok

News date: October 30, 2019
Budimex plants 200 trees in Bialystok

On October 30, as part of the 'Drzewo za ankietę' ('Tree for Survey') campaign, volunteers from Budimex planted 200 trees in the Białystok forest.


The trees were planted as part of a campaign whose goal was to encourage the company's stakeholders to share their opinion on the annual Budimex report. Budimex promised to plant a tree for every survey filled out. The action took place in Białystok, where the company is currently implementing several contracts, such as the building of the University Library and the Sybir Memorial Museum, and the modernisation of the PKP Railway Station.


‘We are glad that Białystok is the city where we can plant the trees as part of the Budimex campaign. Trees planted by volunteers from Budimex will undoubtedly enrich the urban ecosystem and contribute to improving the microclimate in our city,’ said Andrzej Karolski, Director of the Department for Utilities of the Białystok Municipal Council.


Budimex together with the Białystok Municipal Council planted beeches, oaks, lindens, and rowans. These trees are not only potential homes for numerous urban and forest animals, but they are also, if not more importantly, natural production plants generating the oxygen which every inhabitant of our planet needs to survive.


‘By implementing our business activities, we try to minimize their negative impact on the natural environment. We conduct compensatory planting or re-use at a later date the construction earth layers removed during works. A popular method involves moving plants from the construction site to a new site having the same requirements and qualities. We also initiate many other additional actions aimed at protecting the natural environment,’ said Marcin Głąbek, Head of the Environmental Protection Team at Budimex.


Trees play an important role, particularly in urban areas. Their most effective role is in lowering the ambient temperature around a building. In summer, in urban areas, they provide soothing shade and thus limit the impact of so-called urban heat islands. Whereas in winter they reduce the speed of winds, contributing to the reduction of heat loss. In addition, trees increase the humidity of the air, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as well as many other toxic chemicals.


Corporate social responsibility is integrated into all the business processes and becomes an element of the company’s business strategy. Budimex has been involved in numerous activities for the benefit of local communities for many years, implementing its own social programs, as well as supporting all activities for environmental protection.