Budimex invites students to internships – the Budimex Academy 2019 has begun

News date: March 18, 2019
Budimex invites students to internships – the Budimex Academy 2019 has begun

Budimex, the largest Polish building contractor, has started its next student internship program for 2019. What can students who dream about a career in the construction industry expect to find at the tenth-anniversary edition of the event? The benefits include paid internships, medical care and, of course, the opportunity to gain valuable experience in construction while working with the leader of the Polish construction market. Budimex has been supporting the professional development of young people who wish to work in the construction industry for 10 years. As part of that process, the Budimex Academy project includes paid internships. Throughout that time, more than 3,000 students and graduates of Polish universities have taken advantage of these internships.


The program itself is incredibly popular. There are ten applicants for every single place. At Budimex, we know that when it comes to the construction industry, practice is as important as the theoretical knowledge that students acquire at university. For this reason, we decided to give young people a chance to familiarise themselves with the specifics of this type of work well before they receive their professional titles. Thanks to this, they may enter the labour market in a confident manner and make well-informed decisions from the very start of their careers. In addition, supporting the professional development of the students also brings profits to our company. Thanks to the creativity and energy of these amazing young people we can boldly take on any new challenges that the industry may come up with – said Cezary Mączka, Member of the Board – Director of Human Resources Management at Budimex SA.


The Internship Program is not the only thing that the Polish construction leader has to offer to students. As part of the Budimex Academy, learners will have the opportunity to meet with construction industry experts during workshops organised at their universities. This is an excellent opportunity for students to expand their knowledge thanks to practical tips from experienced engineers as well as the opportunity to find answers to difficult questions regarding their work in the construction industry. The company aims to change with the times and as such, starting from this year, it has been offering online education courses to students. Internet-based training focuses primarily on soft skills, which are important in professional work, as well as other key issues related to building a personal brand. Budimex has also created a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel called “Akademia Budimex” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3fB1_awH_7P0oTF8lS0wwg), where students can see what our projects actually look like and listen to the advice of more experienced colleagues. On the other hand, our Instagram profile, called “karierabudimex” (https://www.instagram.com/karierabudimex/) will be reserved for short updates from our construction sites and it will also serve as a virtual meetings place in which students will be able to ask questions and receive answers from engineering professionals.


Although students typically start their internship programs at the beginning of their holidays, Budimex actively recruits people throughout the entire year. To sign up, simply complete the form at www.akademiabudimex.pl and take part in an online game. The results achieved in the game are actually an element of the candidate’s assessment. Internships at Budimex are a proposal for people who wish to start their professional careers under the supervision of experienced specialists and who want to learn more about the specifics of work in the construction industry. Budimex appreciates the work of its interns and as such, we issue payments for the internships. In addition, each student or graduate who enrols in the internship is also covered by private medical insurance. – Internships last between one month and six months, and during their course we focus primarily on allowing students to learn and develop their skills. For this reason, each trainee has access to numerous additional training opportunities that they can take advantage of, depending on their personal interests – said Cezary Mączka.


This year, the Budimex Academy has decided to pay greater attention to the railway specialisation. With this specific construction sector in mind, a contest is being organised for students who are interested in this topic – #GraOTor (“Game of Rail”). Yet another attraction is meetings with students of intramural and extramural studies, organised as part of the #WejdźNaDobreTory (“Get on the right track”) week. The meetings will start mid-March and one of the locations where they will take place is the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. – The railways is a construction sector in which we intend to invest heavily in the coming years. That is why we believe that it is a good idea to promote this specific field of study among the students of engineering courses – said Cezary Mączka.