Budimex has completed the extension of the Regional Health Centre in Lubin

News date: June 8, 2017
Budimex has completed the extension of the Regional Health Centre in Lubin

A new wing of the Regional Health Centre in Lubin was opened during a ceremony. Today the provincial (Dolnośląskie Province) district and town authorities opened the Hospital Emergency Ward at ul. Bema 5-6.


Budimex implemented the investment since 2015. The scope of work included the design and construction of a new hospital building along with rebuilding a dozen or so rooms in its old part. The new wing includes the Hospital Emergency Ward with the helicopter landing pad, the admission room, operating rooms and diagnostic rooms. Budimex’ scope of works included also building the adjacent road infrastructure, sidewalks and a heating substation.


During the expansion of the hospital not for a moment was it closed to patients, which represented an additional challenge and required excellent organization of work. Usable area of the new Hospital Emergency Ward amounts to almost 3,000 sq. meters. Modernization pf the Regional Health Centre is one of the biggest investments implemented in recent years in Lubin. It will improve the quality of health care and its availability for patients in acute health and life-threatening situations. Its cost is PLN 19 million net.


Investment in figures:

  • Number of operating rooms: 5 together with the recovery room.
  • Number of endoscopic examination rooms: 3
  • Number of diagnostic rooms: 4 (1 CT room, 2 X-ray rooms and 1 MRI room)
  • Admissions room (for planned admissions, children and gynecology patients): 3


Budimex SA has extensive experience in the field of hospital construction:

  • Wrocław Provincial Hospital - net contract value: PLN 158.5 million
  • University Teaching Hospital in Białystok - net value of the contract: PLN 138 million
  • Provincial Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz - net value of the contract: PLN 99 million
  • World Hearing Centre in Kajetany, built by Budimex, which won the Golden Laurel of Innovation in the “Construction” Category awarded by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT) - net value of the contract: PLN 47.54 million


Investments in progress:

  • L. Rydygier Memorial Provincial Polyclinic Hospital in Toru - value of the contract: PLN 275 million, completion date: November 2019;
  • Non-Invasive Medicine Centre in Gdańsk (stage I) - value of the contract: PLN 286 million, completion date: June 2018;
  • Military Hospital in Lublin - value of the contract: PLN 49 million, completion date: November 2017.