Budimex for nature: 20 nest boxes for birds in Lublin

News date: November 6, 2020
Budimex for nature: 20 nest boxes for birds in Lublin

20 wooden boxes for birds were installed in Park Ludowy, which is being reconstructed by Budimex. Nest boxes were made by children from Siemacha Association, whose partner is Budimex. The protection of the natural environment is one of many eco-friendly actions taken by Budimex as part of its CSR strategy.


Renovation works in Park Ludowy in Lublin are coming to an end. In the last stage of the project, Budimex has installed nest boxes for birds on the tress. They will serve as a shelter for nuthatches, starlings, treecreepers, tits, woodpeckers, flycatchers, sparrows and other birds. The boxes were made by young people from the Siemacha Association from Lesser Poland. Budimex is a patron of Siemacha’s carpentry workshop.


“We are happy that Budimex supports the activities of our organisation. We are also proud that our partner carries out projects with respect for the natural and social environment. We are happy that the boxes, which are a small part of our collaboration, will be put in a good place. The first boxes have already been sent to Lublin,” says Justyna Łukawska, Coordinator from Siemacha Association.


50 nest boxes in total will be made as part of the environmentally-friendly collaboration. 30 of them are boxes for swifts - small and very useful birds which eat up to 3 thousand mosquitoes a day. This year, the boxes will be installed on the walls of buildings erected by Budimex Nieruchomości in Kraków and Wrocław.


The idea to install nest boxes for birds is one of the targets of a new programme, “Budimex for Nature”. This project involves the use of renewable energy and a reduction in CO2 emissions.


“The construction industry is responsible for almost a half of raw materials extracted around the world and for one third of global emissions of carbon dioxide. The aim of our new project, “Budimex for Nature”, is to come up with a social plan combining CSR activities for the benefit of environmental protection and the climate. In the years 2021-2022, we are going to focus on solutions beneficial to nature and the environment,” explains Cezary Mączka, Member of the Management Board of Budimex SA and Director of the HR Management Division.


“Budimex for Nature” has many environmental and developmental benefits. Budimex wants to produce less waste, reduce CO2 emissions and limit the exploitation of the ecosystem. Steps in this direction have already been taken on Budimex construction sites, where solar panels are installed more often to power projects, whereas individual raw materials and products are kept to be reused in new projects.