Budimex completed works at the Rother’s Mills complex in Bydgoszcz

News date: May 12, 2021
Budimex completed works at the Rother’s Mills complex in Bydgoszcz

In April 2021, Budimex completed works at the Rother’s Mills complex. The subject of the contract with the City of Bydgoszcz was the performance of construction works consisting in the reconstruction, extension and change of the manner of use of the Rother’s Mills, the Grain Granary, the Flour Granary and the Baths for the needs of a multifunctional service facility. The usable area of the investment amounted to 12,844.84 m2.


The contract with the investor – City of Bydgoszcz – was signed in June 2018. The works included: demolition works, removal of parts of wooden angle braces, related to adaptation works, demolition of floors in the basement of the Flour Granary, lowering the floor level, construction of new floor layers in basements, execution of new water insulation of the ground floor, comprehensive construction of fire protection systems in the existing and new wooden structure and cast iron poles, construction of new floor layers on wooden and reinforced concrete slabs, construction of a steel structure of the entresol, construction of a glass skylight and a glass lift in the Rother’s Mill building, and construction of an observation deck on the roof level of the Rother’s Mill building.


Flood protections were also part of the construction work. Budimex moved 5,000 frogs from the construction site as part of environmental protection.


The complex will include museum rooms, restaurants, a cafe, an observation deck, a public space and an outdoor terrace with a small fountain.


“Thanks to the cooperation of the Technical Office’s BIM team, we made a scan of the building and a digital model of the structure. On the basis of the model, the design of the steel structure of the platforms, the lift shaft and the design of the glass skylight in the Rother’s Mill was created, which made it possible to adjust the dimensions of particular elements to the load capacity of the crane and to avoid collision with the existing foundations”, says Artur Popko, Vice-President of the Management Board of Budimex SA, Chief Operating Officer.


The history of the building complex dates back to 1845. Its author was Fryderyk Wulff, the manager of the Bydgoszcz Mills, a master mill builder. The location of the facility on Młyńska Island, between the Brda River and Młynówka, made it possible to take full advantage of the possibility of transporting grain by water. In the 1990s, Rother’s Mills ceased operations and was put up for sale. In 2013, the Bydgoszcz authorities finally acquired the property rights.


During the Long May Weekend, the Rother’s Mills Terrace was opened for visitors. This is the first stage of the complex’s opening.


“It is a beautiful complex, and when renovated it will certainly become a landmark of the city and a place that both residents and visitors will be happy to visit”, adds Vice-President Artur Popko.


The investment in numbers:

  • Total area of the Rother’s Mills complex: 14,752.15 m2
  • Building cubage of the Rother’s Mills complex: 53,930.63 m3.
  • Total area of extended terraces, stairs, fountain basin: 3,415.60 m2
  • Extension cubage with a car park and public toilets: 3,978.89 m3.
  • The contract’s gross value: PLN 77,600,000 net
  • Signing of the contract: 21 June 2018
  • Start of works: July 2018
  • Completion of works: April 2021