Budimex completed the Kamień – Podgórze section of the S19

News date: December 7, 2021
Budimex completed the Kamień – Podgórze section of the S19

Budimex and contractors working on the neighbouring sections of the S19 road commissioned an over 30-kilometre long section of the S19 expressway in Podkarpackie province. The section constructed by Budimex is 10.3 km long. The contract was signed on 9 August 2018 and its value was PLN 335,932,922.85. The design stage lasted 10 months and ended on 10 June 2019. The construction stage took 20 months.


The beginning of the section is located ahead of the Jeżowe junction (formerly Podgórze), which crosses the expressway and regional road no. 861. Then the route bypasses a forest on the east and changes its direction to the south-west. On the border of three districts (Nisko, Leżajsk and Rzeszów), the route crosses district road no. 1084 R near Wólka Łętowska, thus becoming a part of the Nowa Sarzyna junction (formerly Nowy Kamień). The section ends ahead of the Łowisko junction (formerly Kamień).


As part of this project, Budimex constructed two junctions (Jeżowe and Nowa Sarzyna) and seven overpasses (including three overpasses in the stretch of side roads), five bridges (including bridges which enable large and medium-sized animals to walk underneath), a wildlife crossing over the road, a wildlife crossing which enables animals to walk underneath, and five eco-friendly culverts.


Budimex is also building another section of the S19 road (Kamień – Sokołów Małopolski). It is over 80% completed.