Budimex commences construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road

News date: November 24, 2022
Budimex commences construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road

On 24 November, the opening of the construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road took place. Budimex commences earthworks on the main line of the new route. Earlier, the company performed felling, archaeological, geodetic and preparatory work. The contract, worth over PLN 581 million net, will be completed by the general contractor within 38 months of signing the contract, excluding winter periods, i.e. by March 2025.


The OMT construction has been divided into two parts. The first task, carried out by Budimex, is the Chwaszczyno junction (without the junction) – Żukowo junction section (excluding the junction) with a length of 16.3 kilometres. By 2025, a dual carriage expressway with two lanes in each direction and with a reserve for a third lane, the “Miszewo” and “Chwaszczyno” road junctions, the Miszewo road circuit, as well as 25 engineering structures will be built. The contract is being carried out by Budimex in the “Design and Build” formula.


Budimex signed a contract with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Branch in Gdańsk, for the construction of another section of the S6 expressway under the project entitled, ‘Construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Ring Road’ in April 2021. The general contractor will complete the contract worth more than PLN 581 million net within 38 months of the date of signing the agreement, excluding winter periods, i.e. by March 2025. The contract was signed at the S6 Luzino-Szemud section, executed by Budimex, which is a continuation of the planned Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road. As part of the project, Budimex will be responsible for the construction of an approximately 16.3 km long section of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road, which is a part of the S6 expressway.


‘I would like to thank the contractors for their endeavour, over 20 engineering structures. The ring road is carried out by two contractors who guarantee good and timely execution of the investment. I wish the Polish engineers good and safe work on this construction site’, says Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure.


Ultimately, the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road will be approximately 39 km long and will provide efficient passage from the A1 motorway and the S7 in the western and northern direction of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, leading transit traffic out to further sections of the S6 route towards Lębork, Słupsk and Koszalin. The ring road under construction will also be of strategic importance for transport within Żukowo and Chwaszczyno and will ease traffic on the existing S6 expressway, the Tri-City Ring Road.


‘The implementation of the contract covers 3 million m3 of earthworks using 26 engineering structures, 6,500 tons of steel, 45,000 m3 of concrete and 280,000 tons of abrasive surface. We are carrying out the work using our own equipment, including the reconstruction of the underground junction areas, which we have just started. 20 equipment units started work today’, sums up Przemysław Czaja, Head of Contract at Budimex SA.


The Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road is another infrastructure project in Budimex’s portfolio. Currently, the company is carrying out the construction of the S61 expressway (sections: Suwałki – Budzisko with Szypliszki, Stawiski – Szczuczyn, Wysokie – Raczki bypass), and the S19 expressway on the section from the Białystok Zachód junction (excluding the junction) to the Białystok Księżyno junction, the S11 at the Koszalin – Zegrze Pomorskie section, S5 Ornowo – Wirwajdy in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship, and the S1 in the Małopolskie voivodeship.