Budimex as the best employer in Poland

News date: January 22, 2019
Budimex as the best employer in Poland

The Best Quality Employer 2018 title was given to us by the Central Office of Domestic Certification (CBCK) during an award ceremony that took place on 18 January.


The CBCK's initiative aims to recognize and promote outstanding companies in terms of the reliability of their employment policies, solutions for workers, and human resource management. These are trustworthy companies that take care of their employees and provide them with stable employment and a friendly work environment.


Our aim is to give recognition to those companies which provide the best working conditions. In our verification process, we assess their employment policies, human resource management, promotion and development opportunities, employment stability, appealing employment conditions, and work-life balance,” says Elżbieta Michalska, president of CBCK.


Cezary Mączka, head of the HR department and a member of Budimex’s Management Board, is clearly delighted about the title. “This award is proof that we are the leader when it comes to implementing the newest HR solutions in the industry. We will make every effort to maintain this status throughout this year as well. We continue to perfect our operations as well as attempting to create the best working environment possible for our employees. Investing in the self-development of our employees, as well as in the improvement of their competences, is one of our company's priorities.


CBCK's Programme Director, Marcin Andrzejewski, points out how the companies taking part in the programme benefit from it: “The recruitment process is becoming an ever greater challenge for employers, with the demands of candidates also growing. Our programme is aimed at helping both groups. The Best Quality Employer title helps to build a positive image of an employer, drawing in the best specialists, and making the recruitment process more effective at the same time. In turn, it is also a source of information for candidates, such as to which employers on the market it is worth dedicating a career.


To receive the title, the participants have to go through a certification process and meet specific standards. In 2017, Budimex also received the title of Investor in Human Capital, the only one where it is the employees of the company themselves that decide about the award.