Budimex among the best in the opinion of construction subcontractors

News date: June 17, 2021
Budimex among the best in the opinion of construction subcontractors

Subcontractors appreciated Budimex again – according to the latest ranking of ASM Centrum Badań Analiz i Rynku (Market Research and Analysis Centre), Budimex is still one of the two best construction companies in Poland rated in terms of cooperation with subcontractors.


In the survey, which was attended by over 300 companies from all over the country, Budimex was once again chosen as of the two leading construction companies with which, in the opinion of partners, cooperation is the best. Just like last year, Budimex was also among the recommended general contractors as a cooperation partner, and one of the best companies assessed in terms of work safety, financial conditions and timeliness of payments.


 “When implementing individual projects, we make every effort to ensure that the subcontractors are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, and experience its highest standards. We are all the more pleased with the trust placed in us by industry experts, and thus with the award that confirmed our activities in this field”, said Artur Popko, President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A.


Cooperation with an experienced and valued general contractor undoubtedly significantly increases the level of financial security of the partners. All joint activities of Budimex with subcontractors are organised in such a way that they will receive all the funds included in the contract. As part of this, the company, in addition to a transparent financial policy, has also introduced in recent years such solutions as the division of payments to subcontractors into smaller and therefore more frequent amounts. Partner relations with subcontractors also mean the support and development of local entrepreneurs. Budimex focusses on long-term cooperation with companies operating in the areas where project activities take place.


“Reliability, professionalism and respect for ethics are extremely important issues in the process of cooperation between the general contractor and the partners and suppliers. They certainly have a significant impact on the effectiveness of activities and work safety during the implementation of individual projects”, adds Artur Popko, President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A.


In 2020, Budimex obtained similar results in the ASM ranking. This year, due to the pandemic and out of concern for the health of its partners, Budimex has included the employees of subcontractors and their families in its COVID-19 vaccination program. Now, the company will put even greater emphasis on compliance with the health and safety rules by subcontractors and training them in this area.


Budimex handles over 250 contracts throughout Poland and has established cooperation with approximately 50,000 contractors. Since 2000, the majority shareholder of the company has been Ferrovial, a Spanish construction and service concern, one of the largest construction companies in Europe.