Another ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ interior design is ready!

News date: April 14, 2022
Another ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ interior design is ready!

As a part of the second edition of ‘Home Straight from the Heart’, Budimex & Partners is building a fully-functional turnkey home for a family of eight from the town of Brusy located in the Pomeranian voivodship. The construction of the exterior and interior alike is in full swing! The interior designs are ready, and our sponsors are delivering the necessary equipment.


Another ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ is being constructed for a family of 8 from Brusy in Pomeranian Voivodeship. Iwona and Krzysztof are the parents of 6 children, two of which are chronically ill. Apart from the challenges related to the children's illness and the necessity to provide them with specialised care, the family is also struggling with a difficult financial situation. In order to provide their children with better living conditions, Iwona and Krzysztof had decided to build their own house on an inherited plot of land. The family had already commenced the project, but due to their difficult financial situation, it had to be put on hold. Touched by its plight, Budimex and its Partners have decided to step us and help the family fulfil its dream of a turnkey house.


We already know what the interiors are going to look like. ‘When we designed the interiors for Iwona and Krzysztof’s family, we wanted to ensure all the family members felt right at home. Thanks to our many partners, we strove to ensure the elements of the interior they had provided were coherent and enjoyable for the family. The interiors are warm and filled with natural materials. At the same time, they are highly utilitarian, which is an important quality for any family with children. The house boasts a beautiful stone floor, as well as many wooden or quasi-wooden elements. We’ve outfitted the children’s rooms with wooden panels and under-floor heating. In terms of colours, we’ve stressed neutral hues such as varieties of green, navy blue and beige. The girls’ rooms, of course, will be filled with pink and typically girly additions.’ - Maja Chęcińska (a Budimex SA interior designer) said.


One of the first companies to volunteer its services during construction was KELLER. ‘We’ve been paying attention to the construction of the first ‘Home Straight from the Heart’. We’ve noticed how much joy it brought to the original family, and how it changed their lives for the better. This notion really clicked with us, as this kind of support is highly visible and easily translates into higher living standards for people. Keller Poland operates several branches in the country and runs numerous projects across Poland. We feel responsible for our professional environment, and strive to support our local communities to the best of our ability. If our support can improve the lives of at least a few people, we do our best to help. Upon being informed by our Budimex friends that they want to sponsor a new home for another family in need and could use our help, we quickly decided to join them in this noble endeavour. It’s a massive project which requires considerable financial support, so I am glad so many companies have chosen to assist in the ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ construction. I sincerely hope it will bring comfort and joy to its new owners.’ - Artur Gaszewski (the Managing Director at Keller Poland) stated.


The roof was provided by the CREATON company, which offered high-quality roof tiles. The top-of-the-line external layer of the roof was made by BUDHAUS, a general contractor. The same company also provided the surge arrester equipment. DRUTEX is yet another company that has decided to support the Budimex initiative. ‘Drutex is one of the largest European window, door, and blind manufacturers. In this capacity, it has decided to support the ‘Home...’ initiative by providing PVC windows. We hope the new owners enjoy our windows for years on end.’ - Zbigniew Bartosiewicz (Drutex’s Commercial Director for Poland) said.  The window frames, in turn, were installed by STOLTMANN, a local family business.


Agnieszka Pióro (Marketing Department Coordinator at the DAIKIN company) summarises the intentions of the initiative’s participants in the following way: ‘This project allows us to support a family in need once again. DAIKIN fully realises that the corporate world it operates in is just a part of the bigger picture. There’s also the mundane world of everyday life wherein actual people don’t fight over profits, but instead strive to ensure their own peace, quiet, dignity and comfort. That’s why we’re proud we can participate in creating a warm home that meets those criteria.  We strongly believe that our humble contribution (a Daikin Altherma heat pump) will serve the family for years on end.’ SunSol (a company from Gdansk) has selected and installed the photovoltaic equipment. ‘Iwona and Krzysztof’s home will be outfitted with cutting-edge photovoltaic equipment, made of high-quality parts provided by tried-and-true distributors. This contribution by SunSol will allow the family to own a fully eco-friendly and intelligent home. Just as importantly, it will allow them to drastically reduce power bills.’ - Michał Kitkowski (SunSol sp. z o.o. Management Board President) added.


Castorama Poland is currently designing the bathrooms and kitchens that can best provide for the family’s needs. ‘Iwona and Krzysztof’s story has really touched our hearts, and so we’ve decided to join the initiative and help them fulfil their dream of their own safe home. Participating in projects like ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ is consistent with our responsible business strategy. When we decided to participate, we volunteered our professional expertise. As such, our experienced colleagues from our store located at Szubińskiej street in Bydgoszcz are now working on the kitchen and bathroom arrangements. Obviously, we’re going to implement those designs as well, outfitting those rooms with all the necessary equipment. We realise the family’s needs are considerable, so we’ll help them choose other products suitable for interior arrangements. This way, the family will be able to enjoy interiors that are both beautiful and functional.’ - Paweł Świętochowski (Castorama Poland Business Relations and Social Projects Manager) said regarding the company’s participation in the project.


FBSerwis SA has joined the initiative for the second time: ‘Our employees have proven on numerous occasions they are generous to a fault and eager to participate in local initiatives. It was no different this time. We’ve joined the initiative to build a home for Iwona and Krzysztof’s family without hesitation. This time, our employees working on a project in the Pomeranian voivodship will provide a concrete bloc surface around the family’s new home. We’re proud to participate in such an important and necessary initiative.’ - Rafał Kański (FBSerwis SA’s Road Infrastructure Maintenance Division Executive Director) stated.


Sigma Lighting will provide the lighting systems. ‘As our contribution to the ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ initiative, we’ll provide the necessary lighting to all 16 rooms in Iwona and Krzysztof’s new home. We intend to provide products such as ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, reflectors, Argand lamps, as well as night and floor lamps.’ - Olga Kruszyńska (Sigma Lighting Marketing Specialist) said.  Likewise, Blue Energy (IT equipment provider) joined the initiative for the second time. ‘We are happy we can make Iwona and Krzysztof’s family's life better, if only by a small margin. We certainly hope the computer equipment we’ll provide proves to be a source of endless joy to the kids and positively affects the future of the family.’ - the company representative stated.


Another entity participating in the initiative for the second time is the iSowa Foundation. ‘We’re pleased to participate in the ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ initiative for the second time. We want to bring unbridled joy to Iwona and Krzysztof’s children, so we’ve decided to install a magic carpet in their new home. The magic carpet is an interactive educational device which can be used for exercises, games and callisthenics regardless of the children’s age.’ Monika Chról (iSowa Foundation Social Programmes Director) summarises. The MAGNAT brand will assist in painting the interior of the house. External elevations will be created with the FOVEO-TECH brand’s assistance. The Meblik company, in turn, will provide the children’s furniture.


Before long, the family will move in, thus beginning a new stage of their lives. Budimex and Partners endeavour to make sure the home-to-be meets the entire family’s expectations. ‘We’re immensely grateful for the support and assistance we’ve received. We’re glad such an initiative exists and that it has selected us.’ - Iwona said. She will take up residence in the new home with her husband and children in the foreseeable future.


If you want to monitor the construction and furnishing progress, you are cordially invited to visit the following website: www.domzserca.pl. The website includes information about similar charitable initiatives undertaken by Budimex and other companies – our Partners in this project. Dziennik Bałtycki (The Baltic Daily) and Radio Gdańsk are the media sponsors of the ‘Home Straight from the Heart 2’ initiative.