A hospital in Suwałki receives a Parent Zone

News date: October 6, 2017
A hospital in Suwałki receives a Parent Zone

Budimex has opened yet another, 21st Parent Zone. Patients of the Children's Surgery Clinic at the Dr Ludwik Rydygier Regional Hospital in Suwałki and their parents have been given a new friendly space.

The festive finale of the 21st edition of the “Parent Zone. Budimex for Children” social programme took place with the participation of Adam Szałanda - director of the Regional Hospital in Suwałki, Piotr Zimnicki, MD PhD - deputy health care director, Kamil Sznel - head of the office of mayor of Suwałki, Cezary Łysenko - Regional Director for Infrastructure Construction at Budimex SA, as well as employees of the hospital and volunteers of Budimex.
 The programme is implemented and fully financed by Budimex SA. The aim of the programme is to increase the comfort of children staying in hospitals by creating spaces where they can spend time with their parents and forget about the disease at least for a while.

The Dr Ludwik Rydygier Regional Hospital in Suwałki has been selected as the place for implementation of the 21st edition of the programme. The surgery room, administration room and the hall on the first floor of the Children's Surgery Clinic have been redesigned. The character of the surgery room has been changed from the typical hospital-like to more friendly looking. The replaced floor, new tiles with a child’s decor, yellow curtains and accessories made the room joyful and bright. More chairs and tables for children have been placed in the corridor, while parents got tables ideal for document filling. The administration room, which previously consisted of two rooms, have been throughly redesigned – the two rooms have been joined into a single room of turquoise look, where new furniture and curtains have been installed. Budimex has transformed the austere interiors with a total area of over 83 m2 into a friendly and cosy Parent Zone. The new space has been decorated with colourful wall motifs and Budimex has also provided games and toys for children, suited for their needs. From now on, parents and their kids can spend time together in the newly prepared zone.

Just before the finale, the hospital was visited by volunteers - employees of Budimex, who always join the finishing works. Their volunteering activities include installation and placement of furniture, wall decorations and cleaning. And it was so also this time.

This year, the Suwałki hospital has been the 4th establishment, following hospitals in Kalisz, Poznań and Gdynia, to receive the special place which brightens up parents’ stay at a hospital with their sick kids.
The “Parent Zone. Budimex for Children” program was launched in 2013 and has so far lead to the creation of 21 comfortable places in children's wards of Polish hospitals intended for parents and the youngest patients.  Each edition of the programme is different and unique, as renovation and the design of interiors are adapted to the architecture of particular hospitals.