Budimex becomes a holding company

Budimex becomes a holding company

Budimex becomes the largest construction company in Poland, valued all over the world. At present, Budimex is engaged in projects located in 23 countries and employs tens of thousands of specialists. Over 2,000 employees work abroad for the company, and another 2,000 or so in the entire holding at home. Only 150 employees work in the company's headquarters office.

One of the most prestigious Budimex investment projects carried out from 1994 to 2000 is the construction of Sanktuarium Maryjne in Licheń (Basilica of Our Lady in Licheń) – the largest church in Poland, the 8th largest church in Europe and 12th largest church in the world – located in the vicinity of Poznań (1994–2000). As many as 10 thousand believers can participate in a mass in this impressive temple at the level of the main altar.


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