Bau des Jahres 2013 – Wohnsiedlung Gocławska

Bau des Jahres 2013 – Wohnsiedlung Gocławska

The complex of multi-family residential buildings with retail space and an underground car park, including technical infrastructure, located in Warsaw in the area of ??Kamionkowska and Gocławska streets was awarded 2nd prize in the Residential Building category in the Construction of the Year 2013 contest.

The Gocławska housing estate creates the Gocławska street frontage. The previously neglected area has gained new architectural and functional quality.

Three multi-family buildings with a height of 6 to 8 floors overground have been constructed, positioned on a common, partially two-storey, underground parking space. Building B is located in the back of the parcel while Buildings A and C are found correspondingly along Gocławska and Kamionkowska streets. There are retail and commercial premises accessible from the street on the buildings’ ground floors. Around the buildings there is a designed system of pavements and staircases to access external commercial premises, the main entrance hall and auxiliary rooms. The complex of buildings was designed and built as a closed one. Inside the quarter there are common green areas and a children's playground. The parcel additionally includes an internal fire way that supports building B, which passes the gates commute in buildings A and C. There is also an entrance to the underground garage accessible from Kamionkowska street.

The building is constructed of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs and girders, with reinforced concrete walls of stairways and partially stiffening walls. The foundation is a reinforced concrete foundation slab with local grooves. The flat roof is of reinforced concrete, non-ventilated and clad with polystyrene.

The footprint covers 4,290.15 m2, the floor area – 20,224.59 m2 and the cubic volume of buildings – 144,392.70 m3.

All the work was carried out within 24 months.