DE Construction of the Year 2013 – Double Tree by Hilton

DE Construction of the Year 2013 – Double Tree by Hilton

A building with hotel, office and cinema space situated in Łódź, in 29 Łąkowa Street, was awarded 1st prize in the Individual Facilities category in the Construction of the Year 2013 contest.

The building is characterised by modern architecture and construction. It was located in the former “Fabryka Snów” Film Studio. It combines history and tradition of the film industry in Łódź with the present and the future potential for functioning as a great convention and conference centre, office and a hotel. Particularly noteworthy is the façade of the hotel and office complex. Due to the use of computer processing, the glass plate is adorned with the interpretation of a still from the “Zakazane Piosenki” [Forbidden Songs] movie – the first post-war film made in the Łódź Film Studio.

The main body of the building with hotel and office space encompasses 11 storeys (43.5 metres high). The central concept behind the design was to create a coherent composition of existing buildings and, at the same time, to attempt to “organise” the surrounding space. The building is fully accessible and available at all storeys for people with disabilities. It also has a common underground garage with 87 parking spaces, including the ones for disabled people. The hotel has 200 rooms of different standard, a restaurant, ballroom, bar, conference centre and recreation complex with a swimming pool, gym and SPA.

The building is made ??of reinforced concrete with steel elements. Its foundation is a reinforced concrete foundation slab.

The footprint covers 2,717.00 + 488.00 + 530.00 m2, the floor area – 17,553.00 m2 and the cubic volume of the building – 94,543.00 m3 overground and 24,059.00 m3 underground.

All the work was carried out within 29 months.