Aktuální report č. 38 / 2012

Datum: 4. července 2012

Construction of a waste incineration plant in Kraków - Information on the selection of the offer submited by a consortium including Budimex SA

The Management Board of Budimex SA reports that on 4 July 2012 it was informed by Krakowski Holding Komunalny of the offer by Budimex SA (consortium leader, 56.25%), Keppel Seghers Belgium N.V and Cespa Compania Espanola de Servicios Publicos Auxiliares S.A. being selected under the proceedings for public procurement with respect to the construction of a Thermal Waste Treatment Plant in Kraków.

  • Value of the offer: PLN 604,475,427.00 net.
  • Commencement date: immediately upon concluding the contract.
  • Deadline: 1,100 days from the commencement date; not later, however, than 31 December 2015
  • Guarantee period: 60 months for buildings, structures, networks and systems, 36 months for elements of the Plant other than buildings, structures, networks and systems, including all devices and vehicles.
  • Financial terms and conditions:
    • Payment: 35 days from the date of delivering the invoice to the Contracting Authority.
    • Bank guarantee of good performance: 10% of the gross contract value
  • Penalties paid by the Contractor:
    • Maximum liquidated damages for delay: 10% of the gross contract value.
    • Maximum amount of liquidated damages for failing to ensure the guaranteed parameters: calculated as the sum of increased costs and/or lost profit during 10 years of Plant operation
  • The Contracting Authority reserves the right to claim supplementary compensation exceeding the amount of liquidated damages and reflecting the amount of damage actually suffered.

The value of the offer exceeds 10% of the equity of Budimex SA.

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