Aktuální report č. 21 / 2012

Datum: 26. dubna 2012

Resolution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Budimex S.A. on dividend payout for the year 2011

The Management of Budimex S.A. reports that the Ordinary General Meeting of Budimex S.A. held on 26 April 2012 adopted resolution No. 168 on dividend payout. Pursuant to the resolution, net profit for the period from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011 in the amount of PLN 280,065,175.06 (in words: two hundred and eighty million sixty five thousand one hundred and seventy five zloty and six groszy) has been allocated to the dividend payout in the amount of PLN 10.97 (in words: ten zloty and ninety-seven groszy) gross per share.
The dividend payout will cover all Budimex S.A. shares, i.e. 25,530,098 (twenty five million five hundred and thirty thousand and ninety-eight) shares.
The list of shareholders entitled to the dividend for the year 2011 was determined as at 15 May 2012 (the dividend day).
The dividend payout deadline is 30 May 2012.

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