Aktuální report č. 56 / 2022

Datum: 12. září 2022 12:47

Construction of infrastructure to secure the operation of specialised utilities and construction of building No 52A for training and Brigade Command Post purposes — signing the contracts

The Management Board of Budimex S.A. announces that on 12.09.2022, two contracts has been concluded between the Warsaw City Infrastructure Board [Stołeczny Zarząd Infrastruktury] and  Budimex for: “Construction of infrastructure to secure the operation of specialised utilities” and for: “Construction of building No 52A for training and Brigade Command Post purposes”.


The information that our bid was selected as the most advantageous one was published on 25 August 2022 in the current report no. 53/2022.


The total value of contracts: PLN 226,088,232.76 net, of which:

- basic order: PLN 204,702,399.28 net

- contract covered by the right of option: PLN 21,385,833.48 net


Works commencement date: after hand-over of construction site, handover to be effected within 14 days from signing the contract


Works completion date: 600 days from the date of signing the contract


Guarantee period: 60 months (manufacturer’s warranty for the equipment)


Warranty period: 60 months after signing the final report without reservations


Advance payment: advance of not more than 75% of the value of the contractual remuneration. The amount of one advance payment must not exceed 33% of the contract value.


Payment terms: 30 days from the day of delivery of a correctly issued VAT invoice to the Ordering Party by the Contractor


Bank performance bond: 3% of the amount of gross remuneration


Maximum amount of contractual penalty paid by the Contractor: 20% of gross compensation


Maximum amount of contractual penalty payable by the Ordering Party: 20% of gross compensation


The ordering party reserves the right to seek damages under general applicable rules if the amount of loss sustained exceeds the amount of the stipulated penalty. In the event that the contractual penalties do not cover the amount of the damage suffered, the Ordering Party may claim compensation on general rules.


Other terms and conditions of the contract do not differ from the market standards.


The total value of orders with the same Ordering Party in the last 12 months exceeds the threshold of PLN 158,224 thousand net.

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