Artur Pielech – předseda FBSerwis –se stal členem představenstva Budimex SA

Datum aktualizace: 23. září 2021
Artur Pielech – předseda FBSerwis –se stal členem představenstva Budimex SA

Artur Pielech - President of FBSerwis, was appointed by the Budimex SA Management Board as a member of the Budimex SA Management Board.


Artur Popko is President of the Budimex Management Board. Artur Pielech complements the existing Management Board, including: Cezary Mączka — HR Management Division Director, Jacek Daniewski — Legal and Organisational Division Director, and Marcin Węgłowski — Economic and Financial Division Director.


Artur Pielech will continue to act as the president of FBSerwis. From November 2012 he was the vice-president of FBSerwis. From July 2014 he acted as the president of the Management Board and the managing director of FBSerwis SA. The company operates in the fields of waste management, infrastructure maintenance, Total Facility Management and energy efficiency.


Artur Pielech began his professional career in 1996 in consulting, and in 2001 he joined the team at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. He was responsible for both the development of the company’s presence on the Polish market and the improvement in management methods within the territory of CEE. During this period the Polish branch was expanded fivefold. While he worked at CTL Logistics, where he held the position of Vice-President of the Management Board and Sales and Development Director, the company — as one of few in the market — emerged victorious from the economic crisis in 2008. Afterwards he became the executive director at RUCH SA for 2 years. Supervising the work of a team of more than 600 people, he developed and implemented the strategy of wholesale distribution of FMCG and press.