Stavba roku 2013 - Neptun

Stavba roku 2013 - Neptun

The NEPTUN Office Centre in Gdańsk in 105A Grunwaldzka Street was awarded 2nd prize in the Administrative and Office Buildings category in the Construction of the Year 2013 contest.

The NEPTUN Office Centre is the most modern class A facility in Gdańsk. The building is 84.72 m high with 11.25 m of the underground part. It has 18 office storeys, 2 technical and 3 garage ones.

Apart from its height, the investment stands out with the quality of the solutions applied and with its responsible approach to the environment. This project was conducted in accordance with the BREEAM guidelines. The central goal was to achieve the “Very good” certification.

The architectural form, building technology and energy-efficient solutions applied situate the building among constructions known as “Green buildings”, which are considered to be environmentally and user friendly e.g. due to biologically active surfaces and green terraces, glass façades, providing good lighting with natural light, access to urban public transport, limiting the use of private transport, light switches responsive to movement and many other unique features.

In the building there are 60 cm thick diaphragm walls, along with a foundation slab based on barrette piles, full-adhesion floorings, prestressed with cables, as well as a monolithic core of fire resistance of 240 min., the mullion-transom glass façade, raised floors and stone slab cladding of walls and floors.

The building is equipped with a high-speed elevator (3.5 m/s), BMS.KD, surveillance cameras, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, SAP, a sound alarm system, electricity as well as a water and sewage dependent parking system. Noteworthy is the fact that the building is located in the centre of Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, without a construction site and without the possibility of storing materials and prefabricates in the nearest neighbourhood of the housing estate, which required the appropriate organisation of work and precise execution of the schedule by the contractor.

The footprint covers 1,214.88 m2, the floor area – 21,639.74 m2 and the cubic volume of the building – 78,456.89 m3.

All the work was carried out within 27 months.