Stavba roku 2013 - WCAT

Stavba roku 2013 - WCAT

The Wielkopolska Centre of Advanced Technologies in Poznań was awarded 1st prize in the Facilities of Modern Technologies category in the Construction of the Year 2013 contest.

Six specialised facilities with associated infrastructure were built to form a multidisciplinary research centre that brings together experts on exact and natural sciences along with experts on engineering.

The Centre's task is to develop original syntheses of chemicals, biochemicals and agrochemicals (so called Fine Chemicals) as well as a new generation of biomaterials, nanomaterials and their precursors, and then – the advanced technology and biotechnology of their preparation intended for optoelectronics, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, and other industry branches and technology.

Buildings A, A2-Animal Lab, B, C and D are all built of monolithic reinforced concrete. Each has a separate foundation (concrete footings). Connectors are made of steel, with fire protection.

The A1-greenhouse building consists of a ground floor research part (steel construction filled with polycarbonate plates in an aluminium frame) and a two-storey connector to building A – monolithic reinforced concrete structure with a flat roof, which forms a support for the connector of steel structure, leading to the level of the first floor of building A.

The footprint covers 11,637.10 m2, the floor area – 20,423.20 m2 and the cubic volume of the building – 139,996.35 m3.

All the work was carried out within 35 months.