(14/2008) Conditional sale of shares in limited liability company Sprzęt Transport Sp z o.o.



The Management Board of joint-stock company Budimex SA with its registered seat in Warsaw informs that on 28th March 2008, Budimex Dromex SA (a 100% subsidiary of Budimex SA) and Gastel SA with its registered seat in Warsaw concluded a conditional contract for selling shares. On the basis of the contract concluded, Budimex Dromex SA undertook to sell 52,000 shares (100%) in Sprzęt Transport Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Cracow.
Price for which the shares were sold: 26,400,000.00 zloties
The book value of the shares sold in the books of Budimex Dromex SA: 25,590,608.71 zloties
The character of connections between the seller and the buyer: no capital or personal connections
The contract comes into force after meeting all of the conditions specified below and upon the last of them being met:
1. concluding by Sprzęt transport sp. z o.o. contracts of sale, on the basis of which it will purchase from Budimex Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. the right of perpetual usufruct to the real estate located in Cracow Nowa Huta, ul. Ujastek 7, grounds 20, plot 12/17 with the area of 8864 sq.m. and plot No. 12/12 with the area of 7384 sq.m.,
2. upon the request of Sprzęt transport sp. z o.o., registering, in the land register, the real estate referred to in item 1, bail mortgages protecting a possible future money liability up to the amount of 4,500,000.00 (four million five hundred thousand) zloties, which Budimex Dromex SA can have vis-a-vis Gastel SA,
3. concluding by Gastel SA and Budimex Dromex SA a contract or contracts for rendering building equipment rent services by Gastel SA.

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