Bituminous mixtures

Budimex has a network of bitumen plants situated throughout Poland at its disposal.

Production processes meet the European standards pertaining to construction products. In order to provide stability to the production process ensuring high product quality, we implemented the Plant Production Control system compliant with the requirements of the harmonised standards of the PN EN 13108 series.


Montaż wytwórni „Intrme 320” w Ropczycach

Budimex has eleven bitumen plants with the capacity of 320 tonnes per hour at its disposal.


Thanks to specialised and experienced team of engineers and servicemen, Budimex is able to move and assemble any plant in any region of Poland within 5-6 weeks. The organisational structure of Budimex comprises the Mechanisation Department, which can also move a plant not owned by the company.


Full production capacity of the Budimex plant amounts to approx. 3.5 million tonnes annually. The current record during the year equals to producing ca. 2 million tonnes (2012). Budimex has very advanced technology for recycling asphalt millings at its disposal. Six out of eleven plants owned by the company are equipped with a dosing system for asphalt granules up to 15%. Budimex is one of a few companies performing its construction activities in Poland, which has a dosing system for hot asphalt millings enabling it to add granules up to even 50%. Thanks to extensive technological and laboratory facilities, manufacturing of asphalt mixtures has been optimised in terms of technical requirements and material costs allowing Budimex to sell them at highly competitive prices. We have also maximally optimised our production process to minimise the consumption of fuel necessary to dry aggregate, which also makes Budimex products extremely competitive on the market.

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